Monday Motivation! Bounce Back From The Holidays

I truly enjoy celebrating the holidays. Quality time with my new husband and our nearest and dearest is what it’s all about. Not to mention my fill of snowflake iced cookies, red wine and cheese platers. These indulgences and the more-then-occasionally missed workout can leave the best of us feeling foggy and groggy! I try my best to live with no regrets and enjoy the holiday “slip ups” while also planning for a smart and healthy bounce back.

Indulging in the holidays becomes less guilt ridden when we already have our bounce back plan well thought out. Getting back on track sooner vs. later helps us feel clear, alert, strong and motivated to continue to make the best decisions possible for our bodies.

Join me as I spend the next few days preparing my body and heart for a brilliant, satisfying new year! Here are a few tips to show you how I bounce back after lots of joyous celebrating….

  1. Go Green + Fresh:  Chances are you have been eating alot of heavy meals and your digestive system needs a well deserved break. Loading up on leafy greens, fruits and veggy juices will leave you feeling recharged and renewed! Raw foods are loaded with easily absorbed nutrients and heaps of fiber that will help you feel cleansed and vibrant. Think about substituting red meats and turkey with fish or tofu-if this is preferred.

Some of my favorite cleansing veggies, fruits, herbs and spices:

Vegetables: kale, cucumber, carrots, parsley, cabbage, leafy greens, broccoli, yellow bell peppers and celery

Fruits: green apples, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries and avocados (yes! this is a fruit)

Herbs and Spices: cayenne, mint, fresh ginger

  1. Hydrate:  I always enjoy a few celebratory cocktails over the holidays–combine that with traveling and I can end up feeling dehydrated and tired. My yoga instructor recently suggested a quick, no nonsense way to hydrate and reduce sugary cravings.  For the next 1-2 days focus on drinking half your body weight in water.  I know this may seem excessive but it’s necessary. A properly hydrated body is awake, healthy and happy.  Make it a little more fun and festive by adding mint, lemon, cucumbers or even fresh basil and watermelon to your water!
  2. Move it:  Ahh. You thought you were going to get off easy, huh? Nope, we need to move too! The number one way to burn through the sugar in your body before it turns into extra pounds is to do some high intensity cardo and weights.  Need a little de-stressing after all that cardio? Layer in some gentle or restorative yoga to unwind and enjoy in some quite “you time” towards the end of the week.  I personally like to do yoga on Sundays as a grateful end to one week and a welcoming beginning to the next.

Bookmark this post so you can return to it this week and throughout the year as a quick reminder of how to bounce back in a healthy, vibrant way!





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