Monday Motivation: “Let whatever you get done today be enough.”

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Happy Monday you spirited soul, you!

A few weeks ago I was nestled at my desk with a giant cup of coffee, a bun on my head and one determined attitude. I had a “To-Do” list three pages long and was resolute on not moving until I whipped through it all like a boss babe does.  Two and a half hours later a mild headache set in, my stomach was growling from skipping breakfast and I realized I hadn’t taken a deep breath in a least 60 minutes.  (How’s that for self-care?!) (I’m a work in progress.)

I knew I needed a jolt of goodness to get me back on track and went perusing through some inspirational emails I had received but had yet to read.
Ohhh, it was exactly what I needed because I came across a theme within them that entirely shifted my day and my attitude ever since:

“Let whatever you get done today be enough.”Twitter_logo_blue

Big exhale.

“Yes, let whatever I get done today be enough.” I said it to myself a few times. I let liberation sink in.
I saw that I was unnecessarily chaining myself to a “To-Do” list and gauging my worthiness and “good-enough-ness” to it’s completion. Not to mention ignoring self kindness and care in the process. I got up from my desk, stretched, prepared a yummy meal and ate it away from my computer.

When I returned to my desk I continued with the “to-do’s” but with a decidedly different attitude. As I finished one task and prepared to do another I told myself….
“I could do this, or I could not. If I choose to stop now I will allow whatever I have completed today be enough and I will not beat myself up for it.”
It felt like one massive shift towards kindness.

I did finish the majority of my list that day but it was with a much more gentle, kind and compassionate energy.
Now, what’s better than that?




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