Monday Motivation! Let’s give the gift of our presence instead of gifts this holiday (+ everyday)

It’s holiday time and it seems the whole world is wrapped up in a soft, magical glow!  It’s the time of year we celebrate community, connection +  most of all love.

Unfortunately, it’s far too easy for us to get caught up in Christmas gift giving while the true meaning of holiday festivities fall by the wayside.  Our needs and wants around the holidays tend to distract our motivations and we get swept up in a tissy of  lusting over the ‘latest and greatest’ this or that—missing out on the true meaning of the season.

Of course receiving beautiful gifts is thrilling, but they only bring us momentary joy.  To be honest, material items are transient, objects break, expensive hand cream runs out –such is life! What if we shifted our focus? What if we valued more the things that money can not buy?!  Let’s collectively make a pack to strive for giving the gift of our presence and instead creating tender moments with our nearest and dearest.  Unlike expensive perfumes or the newest edition of the Iphone,  magical moments last forever.

Always accessible, never fleeting, fading or corrupting.

When loved ones are by your side log off Pinterest and Instagram.  Not every moment needs to be digitally recorded, tweeted or cataloged on Facebook.  How often have you found yourself out with a close group of girlfriends or at a family gathering, completely immersed in your Twitter feed and not in the conversations going on around you?  You’re missing out and they are missing out on connecting with you!  There are forever-memories to be made together.  Turn off electronics, fully listen when someone you love is speaking, share your feelings and look for moments to laugh and have fun together. 

Pledge to be more present this holiday + watch magic manifest.

Love ya,



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