Monday Motivation + Sand between my toes

Hi happy souls!

This weekend I took a beach walk with one of my best girlfriends and yoga mama Estella Perez. She inspires me as she is so, so connected to nature and full of boundless good energy. I feel healthier being around her and consider myself a lucky gal to have her occupy my world.  Our beach adventure could not have come at a better time as I feel I have been cooped up inside and behind my computer much too much lately.  It felt grounding to sink my bare feet into the sand and let the cold, crisp water wash over them.  When I am that immersed in nature and such deep loveliness I can’t help but feel my soul become unchained and liberated from the constraints of the everyday. I breathe in fresh gulps of inspiration, motivation and determination and breathe out surrender, release and buoyant hope.  Being by the water and out in nature cracks my shell open every time and returns me….to me.  And oh man, it’s beautiful and so needed.

What are you doing when you feel anchored in your best self? What activities return you to the deepest depths of knowing and peace?  I’d love if you shared with me.



  1. Love your story! Your words made perfect sense, since I know that feeling so well. As just as you, a long walk is usually my best cure. Or a long train ride during which I simply look out of the window and the landscape passing by – a very healing experience. And of course writing in my journal always helps me to turn back to my inner voice.
    Lot’s of love, Ronja

  2. I’m the same – nature helps every time! Went to a farm yesterday and got to hold lambs, and bunnies, and just enjoyed being outside – made a nice break from town life!!

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