Monday Motivation: Your words + wisdom are powerful. Use Them.

A lifetime of wisdom lives within you.  Twitter_logo_blue

A few Mondays ago I wrote about reflecting on our childhood influences and declaring: “This is not my story.” I contemplated if it was possible to end the cycle and retell our stories and in the retelling of the new story it would become our truth. We could spend a lifetime untying the knots of our past, but at some point we must realize the knots are no longer ours. They belong to our parents, and grandparents and our grandparents parents. The lineage is complex and lengthy and effortlessly passed from one generation to the next until one day some courageous and insightful soul pauses and says: “This is not my story.”

This post inspired me to consider the nature of time and space. Does time truly exist in the linear fashion we have come to understand it to? Or is it possible that each generation of us and her wisdom lives inside this one soulful body? What would she have to tell us if we could invite our younger, current and sager older selves into one room? What could we learn? How would we be consoled, validated and educated? Let’s give her a voice and find out together. 

Set aside one hour to write a letter to your childhood self. Begin with “Dear {your name}….” What do you want to tell her? How can you console or reassure her? What does she need to hear from you? How would you inspire or encourage her? Let her know how special she is and how much you love her.

Let’s now write a letter to ourselves from the future. Again, set aside about an hour. Imagine you are in your golden years, you’re sitting comfortably in a favorite chair and feeling safe and cozy in your skin. Dusk is approaching and you have a pad and pen to write with. Write a letter to yourself at your current age. Your older self has years and years of experience behind her, allow her to share everything and anything she has learned in this time. What did she strive for? What did she learn to let go of? Where did she learn to be kinder to herself?  What really matters?

When you are done, put each letter in the mail and send them to yourself. Feel free to include other small gifts to yourself as well in the envelope–a pressed flower, a small piece of chocolate, a photo. When the letters reach you honor them by finding a quite time and place to read them with patience. You can begin with whichever letter feels most right in that moment.  Perhaps read the letters out loud to connect even more with the insight she has to share. Savor the wisdom and let yourself read what you need to hear. When you have finished reading both notes tuck them somewhere that makes them easy to revisit and know that you can draw on the kindness and insight you have to offer at any time by just asking her.

It’s comforting what we know when we are given a voice.  Twitter_logo_blue

Happy Monday.




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