MONEY. Best Friend or Foe?

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People have a tricky relationship with money, don’t they? Some see it as the root of all evil and others as a savior of sorts, and yet, money itself is neutral. An energetic partner in the energetic game of Life.

In fact, all things in life are neutral, really. It’s our energy that defines the “goodness” or “not-so-goodness of it.”  You see, there is no challenger to beat in life, or in this case money.  Money will be what you decide it will be: best friend or foe.

Like a mirror, money and your having it or not having of it will always and forever reflect your habitual feelings and thoughts regarding it. Therefore, if you practice feel-good-feelings and thoughts about money, you will always have plenty. An auto-replenishing cornucopia of green goodness, if you will!

And yet, if you practice not-so-good feelings and not-so-good feeling thoughts (beliefs) about money,
then it will appear and act as the foe mentioned earlier.

I imagine you’d like it if money was a best friend.
Therefore, begin treating it and speaking about it as if it WERE your best friend.

Always there for you

To which the ego might say: “But the reality is that money does evade me. I never seem to have enough of it.
It is hard to earn, and it DOES always disappear!”

But you are holding money in that “reality” by continuing to feel and think about it as such.

Begin by being a best friend to your money instead of waiting for money to first act differently to you.

:: Log in to your account and throw a virtual hug around the balance, whatever it may be.

:: Peer into your wallet and individually pick up each dollar and say, “I love you!”

:: Pay an outstanding invoice, and as you do, thank your money for being available to satisfy this debt.

Just as you would with a “real” friend, money wants to hear and know and FEEL that you appreciate it. Because it all comes back to feelings. Your whole world is a direct reflection of how you feel and the quality of thoughts those feelings produce.


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P.S. Feeling good is the key to the manifestation of your hearts desires. Care about how you feel.