The Most Joyful of Events! (Invitation Enclosed)

Abundance & Co-Creation Series - Red Roses

Oh, the things that we shall see and the things that we shall know when pain and confusion is alleviated from our hearts and minds. Would this not be the most wonderful of occurrences? Would it not be a blessing rain down from heaven, if the hurt, pain and confusion of the human experience was transformed and lifted into The Light and off your heart?

It is more plausible than the ego fathoms. The soul, however, knows it is entirely possible and your birthright. It is true, loved one, joy and astounding elation is your divine inheritance, as well as the natural state of being. Life throws us one emotional curve ball after the other, leaving one to feel jaded, guarded and downright defensive! Unable to trust ourselves or life, we settle for just getting through the day. Yet, there is so much more to love and enjoy about the experience of being human on planet Earth at this exact moment you call you–you! 

The heart, mind and soul can and will move into a new, fresh understanding and experience of itself as divine and whole. Now is the time, dear one. Now is the time in history and in your history to ascend. It is time to move beyond the small, petty, unconscious and conscious wounds of the ego. Yes, at times the ego can be found dragging around its wounds like a child clutches a snuggle blanket.

There is no need for such unnecessary and cumbersome comforts. No, you are grand, you are royalty, and you are exquisite.The bright, white light of every star and planet in the galaxy lives in you! It is time to unmask that light and shine as you were intended, as you already are!

Your presence is requested May 11th-May 18th for what I cheerfully call, “A ThankFull Walk & Talk.” This will be a LIVE EIGHT DAY abundance building, ego melting, freedom fest of expansion.

We’ll explore the experience of co-creating with the divine to welcome in elation, (a fancy word for super-joyful) and become a master miracle maker. Life is about more than the a lot-ness of what we want. The ego desires a lot yet, let that a lot-ness be first established in one’s emotional world for then the external world easily falls suit. 

For what are all the diamonds, rubies and sapphires, if the heart is weighed down in grief and strife? Nothing, dear one! The external means very little without the internal wealth. Let’s do intend to adorn your inner world with the most precious of jewels! Hang, we will, the emotional equivalent of diamonds, rubies and sapphires from the branches of your inner-being. Like a grandly decorated Christmas tree, your soul will thank you for it! The ego will gently step down, and you will again wear the royal robes of compassion and grace. For you are royalty, and it’s time to ascend to the throne.

Please find the details of A ThankFull Walk & Talk below and pay close attention to why it benefits you to sign up and register for this most joyful event!

Your're Invided, A ThankFull Walk & Talk Invitation