Motherhood: The Joys and Challenges with Rachael Amarante

Motherhood with Rachael Amarante

I think many mothers would agree with me that being a mother is hard and wonderful all at the same time. It often feels like you’re on a roller coaster ride without a seatbelt, yet you can’t help but be exhilarated. My guest today, Rachael Amarante of The Awakening Motherhood Project, knows all about the simultaneous joys and challenges of motherhood. Her work focuses on one of the most difficult aspects of being a mother ensuring that mothers don’t lose themselves in the process of mothering. 

I admire Rachael’s mission; it’s an important one. Mothers are people too, with a lot to offer the world at every stage. With her guidance, wisdom and support, Rachael shows women how to embrace and celebrate their identities while being the best mothers and women they can be. 

Meet Rachael Amarante. 

Brand mission: To help women restore the joy and confidence they have lost after spending so much time pouring into everyone but themselves.  I want them to feel powerful and help them to find their identities in this phase of their lives. 

Tell me a bit about your personal journey:  I am a mother of four young boys, living in the Midwest.  After seven years of staying home and raising my little ones, I joined a friend of mine and helped her launch a massive business.  It filled a big part of my soul at the time – one day a week I would send three of my boys off to school and leave my infant with a  nanny.  

The business grew, and so did my role and my time away from home.  A nagging gut feeling told me over and over that this was no longer the place for me.  But I chose not to listen.  When people would ask how I did it all, I would smile and shrug.  But what I really wanted to say was “No. I’m not doing it all.  No one is.  There’s a shitshow right behind me.”  But because we are conditioned to climb higher, be more, go faster, I skipped over the honesty.  

Until one day when my gut feeling screamed so loud that it came out.  My anxiety rose.  My teeth clenched when my kids asked too many questions, and I began barking orders at anyone who crossed my path – super proud mom moment.  One day I heard from the other room my boys speaking to each other the same way I spoke.  And I knew something had to change.  I knew that along the way to finding my identity in motherhood, I skipped the part where I sit still and give myself a minute to know what I wanted.  Once I did, all I had to do was let go of my fear of being seen and go for it. 

Other things I love to do:  eat healthy, but delicious food, travel with my husband and kids, write, go to our cabin in northern MN, workout. 

Tell me more about your business:  Freelance writer, Currently working on publishing a non fiction book, public speaker, Private group on FB that allows space for the real conversations in motherhood.  It’s a space where I go live once a week, share inspiration and reassurance that we’re all in this together.

How did you find your purpose?  I think I found my purpose when my world came crashing down around me – I left my job, relationships were lost or shifted and I felt as though I didn’t know who I was or where to go.  I had no choice but to lean into my fear, listen to my gut, and work my ass off for my dreams.

What’s one goal you are still working towards? Publishing my book.  Late 2022! 

What’s one piece of actionable advice you can give our community?  Listen to your gut.  You might not know why its steering you one way or another at the time but that’s not our job to know.  It’s our job to listen.  Even if it’s little things.  The best way I found to do this is through moving meditation.  I ask the question: “what does the world need from me today?”  and then I listen. 

Biggest challenge? Building a business while homeschooling one kid, while 2 others are at one school and the littlest one is in Montessori.  Also running the household.  It’s ok though.  I hustle and move with intention and that way the end game isn’t so damn rigid.  

Greatest success – so far: my marriage – 13 years.  Getting over my fear of what people might think, or how I might fail and just going for it.  Working hard enough to never give up in pursuit of my goals, because I’ve listened and learned what they are for me in my life. xo, Rachael


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Continue to be on purpose with the pursuits of your heart. Pair that intention with the celebration of what feels good along the way and enjoy the ride as you turbo boost for the stars! 


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P.S. Feeling good is the key to the manifestation of your heart’s desires. Care about how you feel.