Motivation Monday

Happy Monday, people!   Isn’t this quote a beautiful reminder of what truly feeds our soul?  We spend so much of our work day (and subsequently life) 12 inches from our computer screen, in rooms without windows and recycled air.    Regardless of how your individual work day is composed we ALL work  and work alot with few allowed breaks + healthy interruptions.

I used to work insane-o hours. I’m still learning to incorporate more rest. I’m far from perfect and still have days where I feel completely burned out and hide under the covers, but I’ve made a turn in the direction of greater equilibrium. I know that many of you are in a similar position.

Go ahead! Lean in. Work your cute tushy off, but I beg you to not let that come at the expense of your well being.  It is entirely possible that working all those monstrous hours will actually make you LESS productive and more distracted.

Here’s the point:
Let your mind drift…float…wander and most importantly relax.  Sit in the sun; take big, gorgeous gulps of fresh air.  Pause + reflect. It’s a daily recharge and recalibration.  Do it. And just you watch and see how productive, focused, and efficient you will be when you get back to your desk!

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