My Book: Soul Sessions


Do you dream of a life and career full of purpose, deep self-love, overwhelming gratitude, supportive relationships and limitless opportunities?

I did.

I had fancy job that didn’t fill me up, the relationship I ‘should’ be excited about, and a life that looked impressive from the outside.

On the inside, I struggled.

And after years of thinking about it, I finally took action. I changed my career, earned my masters and doctorate in psychology, built a successful online business surrounded by inspired women leaders and found a heart-pounding relationship!

Soul Sessions is the guide I wish I’d had years ago, when I knew what my fabulous dream life looked like, but had no idea how to get there.

Imagine taking 5 glorious weeks to focus on you and how YOU want to do life on YOUR terms- not some cookie-cutter life or career that doesn't honor or fit with who you truly are.

In five weeks, I’ll show you what it took me five years to learn.

There’s a lot of talk these days about finding your life’s purpose… and about how challenging that journey can be!

I think the reason it’s so hard for us women to find and follow our true calling is that we’re trained from a young age to listen to other people’s voices more than the true one inside of us.

So, be honest: are YOU living according to your true purpose... or other people’s expectations?

You deserve more and you know it. Stop settling.

Soul Sessions will help you:

  • Discover what you do best

  • Direct + control your emotions

  • Create + maintain your boundaries

  • Build a better, more inspiring social support network

  • Have a clearer sense of self with more stability + productivity

  • Build self-confidence in yourself, your career, your relationships, your decisions

  • Feel deep, abiding gratitude for all the wonderful things in your life

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Using these tools, my clients received: MBAs from Columbia, opened yoga studios, finished doctorate degrees, lost 70 pounds, repaired relationships, received huge promotions, got engaged, ran half marathons, and said healthy good-byes to unhealthy jobs.

You can take everything you learn in this course and do equally amazing things.

Soul Sessions is designed to inspire passion as well as sustainable action. In fact, I structured this course so - if you do all the work - you are absolutely going to succeed!


Here’s what you get:

  • 153 beautifully designed pages stuffed with insight and inspiration

  • Worksheets and downloadable files that encourage you to put pen to paper and write out your ideas + goals

  • Podcasts you can listen to in the car, while you work out, anytime it’s convenient or you need a reminder or pick-me-up

  • 5 recorded meditations to help center and calm you

  • 5 sets of weekly resolutions - little mantras that will help you remember what we covered and keep you tied to your goals

  • Plus over 20 pages of bonus content including: 60 inspirational quotes thoughtfully designed to be cut out and tucked in places you or someone else can see.

Setting all this magic in motion is incredibly easy. Simply click ‘buy now’ and your book will arrive in your inbox within the hour. Read, listen, implement at your own pace and watch your life open up before you.

You deserve happiness. It’s not reserved for special people who are somehow different than the rest of us. Regardless of your past - or even your present - we can make your future light-filled and thrilling.

I really hope you’ll give Soul Sessions a try. With podcasts you can listen to anywhere, and worksheets you can complete during your lunch break, a happier + more fulfilling life is just a few days away. I just know your already-good life can be really, truly amazing.

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Get Liberated: Listen to this Audio Sample

P.S. Want to see what all the fuss is about? Download a 12-page sample here.

Soul Sessions is  “a 5 week guide to crafting greater joy + making big things happen in life”, which is exactly what it does!  Five weeks, each week including five daily lessons – such as my favorites “Get grateful”,  “No room for sabotage – from within or without”, “Steer your emotions – bigger, braver, happier” or “Get sparkly clear on exactly what you want”. Though my favorite parts are the weekly podcasts on day one of each week. Some only a few minutes long, some over ten. Danielle’s voice is calming, yet at the same time empowering and motivating. Also included into the weeks are meditations “to help center and calm you” I’ve been working on my daily meditation for a while, so I loved the experience of the guided meditations. All in all you don’t just get a visual, but also an audio experience!

Since the book comes in form of a pdf-file, the first thing I did was print the whole thing out. And since I knew I wanted to have a great experience with it and keep it for a long time, I invested the money to get a binding. I can only highly recommend to at least print it out, because not only once there are questions and lines that need to be filled out. Also, who actually really likes reading for a long time at the laptop?! Another tip: You will need a pen and notebook always by your side – so many ideas were coming through my mind -hint, hint, you can find them at the end of the post—so inspiring!

As I mentioned before, the book is intended as a five week guide, which I actually didn’t follow. I’ve been working with it since November, really taking my time with each lesson – and I am still working with it. Sometimes I put the book away for 4 days, simply because I needed that time to work on a lesson or let all my ideas and thoughts get settled. Sometimes an event happened in life that made me go back to another lesson in the past. But that is completely OKAY. To me it is not a strict guide – then I probably wouldn’t even have finished it. It is all about YOU and YOUR LIFE, so you should work with it the way it feels good to you.  I am thrilled with Soul Sessions! Compared to lot’s of other self help books, this one is designed so beautifully, written in an easy & comprehensive way and filled with love – yep, you can feel how much love Danielle put in it.

Ronja S., Blogger and Life Lover,

When I am working with Danielle I’m laser focused on what I desire, and have a defined path to follow to get there. I’ve never felt more confident in attacking my goals and more alive in all the precious moments a day can bring. Being a single mother of two with a full time career, it can be a challenge to find time to meet with Danielle, which is why I love Soul Sessions. It’s like I have Danielle on demand. I can wake up before my busy morning begins to meditate, read, reflect, write and set the tone for a productive and positive day, as well as hold myself accountable to taking my life to the next level.

What working out and eating right does for your body, Soul Sessions does for your mind and your life’s path. It helps you identify and remove the obstacles you had no idea were even there, providing you a clear connection and focus to what your heart desires.The best thing about it is that you can read it over and over again as you conquer your goals and set new ones. It’s extremely effective in bringing instant peace and tranquility to your life so that you can focus on what really matters and big things happen.

I can say whole-heartedly that Soul Sessions has made me a better version of myself. I’m a better mother, a stronger woman and more confident in my power and ability to create the life I desire.

Chelsea Elder, Equinox Regional Sales Manager + Mom to 2 precious children

“Soul Sessions is the kick in the pants that all of us need at some point. I’d be surprised if anyone was able to complete the book and the meditations and the podcasts without feeling seriously inspired to take hold of their life and steer it confidently in the direction of their dreams! Danielle has created such a beautiful framework for people to open up their lives to happiness, and her approach of combining real life experiences with knowledge and proven techniques is so, so relatable – it feels like a conversation with a really wise friend who you know will give you amazing advice. If you’re tossing up a big life decision, or flip-flopping about and aren’t sure why, you need The Soul Sessions. Seriously. It will change everything.”

—Anastasia Sproull, Founder of, Freelance Copywriter, Author & Social Media Marketing Strategist.

“I never paid too much attention to my “self-saboteurs” until I started going through the Soul Sessions exercises and was still enough to notice my thoughts and therefore what I was manifesting itself in my life. I started to hear the messages of judgement I would whisper to myself– “my thighs are too big”, “my butt isn’t proportioned to my body”, “my laugh is too loud” so on and so on. Something happened when I read “Stop the negative self chatter.” I began focusing on what I liked about myself and realized how blessed I am to be in perfect health, keep 50+ pounds off and carry with me contagious laughter. I now look in the mirror and celebrate my breasts which are perfectly healthy and my body which has seen me through many stages of life.

Somewhere in the pages of Soul Sessions I also found the courage to be honest about my desires. Then actions consistent with my desires were born: I want to meet someone, fall in love and get married so I stopped entertaining guys who didn’t want the same and me buying into their temporary attention. Becoming clear, and feeling worthy of what I want also made me more comfortable in being transparent and emotionally available. It feels good to just love: love myself, love the present moment and grant myself permission to give and receive. Setting boundaries has also been a struggle, but now after reading Soul Sessions I see the degree to which it affects my life and I’ve began to say “no” to commitments that don’t align with my availability.

By the time I got to the end of the book, the walls had come down. I felt free to speak of my ultimate desires and life goals and less restricted in sharing what I really thought and felt. Soul Sessions brought me to a place of gratitude and the act of celebrating life. I could not have read this at a more perfect time in my life. It was as if life needed me to sit still and be open and vulnerable enough to allow the powerful work from a woman I didn’t know to cut me open.”

—Kiesha James