Me and My Dreams Are Worthy of the Spotlight!

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Welcome back to The Dazzle of the Day! “Dazzles” do keep us high vibing and in high energy. And as we uplift our energy, we automatically and with greater ease become an emotional match to all the heart desires. Do you know of the importance of becoming an emotional match to your dreams? Oh, it is of such significance! And often overlooked as miniscule compared to the application of logic in the manifestation of your dream life. Yet, I promise you that “massive action” is trivial in comparison to the alignment with the flow of well-being and therefore, all you yearn for and decidedly more.

Translation: Nothing is more important than feeling good (you will hear me say this often!) For as you feel good, your energy and your mood rises, making you a better match to anything you want. “Dazzle catching + collecting” is a tool by which you can be in control of your feelings and therefore more in control of the receiving of your dreams. Yes?

Enter today’s Dazzle of the Day:

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Well-being is the basis of The Universe. Every entity, cell and soul is that of the Universe, which means that all is an extension of, has access to and is thereby worthy of the well-being of Life.

There is no desire or dream more worthy of the “spotlight” than another. In the case where we doubt this truth, it is often the result of cultural or familial conditioning. Meaning, someone once implied that you should treat something or someone other than you and your desires as more important.

How often we take direction from people who insist our happiness is based upon them being happy first! How often we mistakenly look to those who don’t know themselves to inform us about ourselves. How often we look to people who don’t like themselves to treat us as if we are likeable!

It’s time for you to factor out all of those who need you to be different so they can feel better, because you can’t be different enough that they can feel better for long. The manifestation of one’s dreams and desires requires us to be self-honoring and self-regarding, first. Because if we perpetually prioritize the whims, wishes and happiness of another, our heart’s delights sit unfortunately sidetracked.

SO, the practice of being self honoring and respecting is a deep one that calls for patience and time, and yet, I do think this analogy will make the point well! Imagine you have come into the possession of a 10 carat diamond ring!

Oh, how the heart skips a beat! Beams of brilliant light sparkle about as the sun playfully catches the different facets in the ring. The beauty of it on your finger, the precision of the cut and the craftsmanship speaks for itself! Now, would you let this ring sit haphazardly about? Would you let all your friends borrow it and your three-year-old play with it during bathtime? No! You would not, because you recognize the value and worth of this piece of jewelry. Most likely it would have a specially assigned jewelry box and no one would be borrowing it, let alone a child. In this and many cases we treat the diamond ring with more regard and respect than we treat ourselves!

You and your dreams and desires are the 10 carat diamond ring! And yet, how often we treat ourselves as if the toss-away twenty-cent ring from the bubble gum machine! Say it with me: “I am the 10 carat diamond ring, and I will treat myself and my desires with the same, if not more, regard and honor as an object I admire.”

If the diamond ring analogy doesn’t speak to you, please do think of one that does and have fun expanding your sense of value and worth. Know that all that you are and all that you wish for is priceless and deserving of its time “center stage.”


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