Blogs I Heart: Natural Beauty + Facebook Hate + Resolutions

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If you found yourself in a funk this holiday season, read this.
“Setting expectations for yourself and others on what the holidays “should be”, is treading on dangerous ground; it is an invitation to suffering.”

Now that you’ve filled your home with new Christmas goodies, it’s time to subtract.

This new year self-love ritual + these 40 ways to to practice self-kindness are must-reads.

If your New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight, take a peak at this. Could ditching the diet altogether be the answer? While we’re at it, here’s how to stop food obsession + how to stop emotional eating.

Right on. Don’t Just Work Out…Work In!

Have you ever been to a yoga retreat? This looks soul-inspiring.

These DIY Aromatherapy Shower Tablets sound easy to make + super relaxing.

Let’s all join Christen and live a little louder.

yes, yes, YES. 6 Things to Do Instead of Comparing Yourself to Others 
“Do not judge by appearances; a rich heart may be under a poor coat.” ~Scottish Proverb

Frustrated with Facebook is an understatement.
“In fact, approximately less than 2% of our entire audience gets to see the posts we make on our Facebook pages.”

If you didn’t do a year-end blog audit, get on it! These 7 questions will have your blog looking extra-tidy.

Launching a product this year? Here are 5 ways to hype it up.

I can’t get enough of feisty + fearless Halli Casser-Jayne.

If you’re a fan of mommy-blogs, you’ll love “Things I Can’t Say.”

An entire blog dedicated to quinoa recipes?! So perfect.

Adding this smoothie to my rotation after an indulgent holiday season!

Please take care of your skin, ladies! Love it up with these natural beauty tips.

Spice up your makeup routine with these beauties.