Needed: One amazing intern

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After more than a year of blogging and speaking + clients + writing, I’m finally ready to do (a tiny bit) of delegating.  I’m hiring an intern!  Is this you or anyone you know?

You must have a working knowledge of:
* Hootsuite,  Twitter, Facebook
* WordPress
* Super basic photo editing (like, Picmonkey caliber)

 Duties include:

* Link sourcing
* Formatting posts
* Image sourcing
* Video sourcing
* Basic photo editing
* Composing and scheduling tweets
* Scheduling Facebook updates

 The really important bits:
* You absolutely must be able to complete each assignment within two business days.  Like, really.

*  Geographical location is not an issue!

* This is a paid internship – $10 an hour, 10 hours a month, 3 months.  To begin with. If you prove to be particularly awesome, we can talk about adding more hours or months.

*  There is little writing involved in this internship.  Occasionally you might be asked to write a one paragraph intro to a post, but that’s about it.

Send your resume to
I’d love to hear from you!



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