Blogs I Heart: Online Negativity, Reality Checks + Scrumptious Chocolate


Breaking up with work is hard to do, but you will survive. (P.S. How gorgeous is that online mag?)

Solid post on negativity online. You will experience it, dear friends, but it will be okay.

I love, love, love hearing stories of corporate management like this!

Pinterest traffic has grown for my blog tremendously, so I just have to share this to help any other bloggers up their Pinterest game.

I’ve finally hopped on the Instagram wagon, so I love this post on favorite filters by top musicians. How fun!

What the hell is a meta-description, anyway? Do I need to care?

If you do any kind of speaking, you need to read these 11 tips from TED speaker coach Gina Barnett.

Ashely’s started a video series called Cubicle to $10k. These are packed full of helpful tips that I think can apply to any entrepreneur, no matter where you are in the game!
(And psssst…you can see my interview here.)

What if quitting is what you should do?

How can you stand out? How can yoube your own character?

Such an inspirational post. What you do is who you become.

Reality check! Who are you trying to impress?

Let’s get straight to the point: “you learn discernment by completely f*cking up discernment.”

Steph from The Loudmouth Lifestyle has been working with my guide, Soul Sessions. Read this beautiful soul’s response here.

Have you thought about how your wardrobe can affect your career?

A sign of our times… Former Industry Bible WWD Cancels Print Daily

Ditch these foods and I promise you’ll feel better. Already ditched those food, but still not feeling your best?

Or instead of actively reducing stress, what if you just add more joy?

Chocolate can still be part of your healthy diet (read this!). So, with that in mind, I’d like to devour this ebook just from the cover photo alone!

I want to explore Tulum, Mexico like a local after reading this article. Don’t you?! But of course I’ll aim to stay healthy while I’m exploring!

Let’s end today’s round-up with a this beautiful, raw and honest message:

“Your worth, your expertise, your ability to succeed in LIFE and BUSINESS is not directly related to how pretty you are, where you live, how old you are, how much money you have, what your hair looks like, how many zits you have or how much you weigh. It IS, however, DIRECTLY RELATED TO HOW MUCH OF A DAMN YOU GIVE ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE.”


Photo by José Ignacio Pompé on Unsplash


  1. Thank you so much for including me on your list 🙂

    It is because of wonderful women like you that I am able to push through and keep being me, no matter what some crazy lady emails may say.

    Big big thanks for your support and encouraging others to be themselves <3

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