It’s never too late (until it is)

it's never too late until it is

Something happened yesterday.

Barely 10 minutes into a call with a client yesterday (a VERY talented person), she wanted to know if I thought it was “too late” in her life to course correct…

To pursue the dream and the career she most desired for herself. Her “soul purpose” that’s sat quietly in the back of her mind day in and day out for years…

She’s been stuck, 8.5 years (unhappily) in her current job… and felt like she’d be wasting her time if she just left it all to head into her heart’s desire…

I don’t know what it was, but something “rose up” inside of me… and I got seriously bold… My answer?

“It’s NEVER too late to be you!”

Maybe it’s because this resonates so closely with my story… But honestly, what are you trying to prove, by continuing to be unhappy with your one and only life? (You don’t get another one)

:: Are you too deep in a career that doesn’t float your boat?
:: Have you spent 2 years too long in that ill-fitting relationship?
:: Is your debt massively high and your savings way too low?
:: Have you still not made that run, composed the song, set up the easel, taken that trip?

Contrary to the opposing voice in your head: There is still time.

Sweet soul, be willing to release any remains of the old self still ensnarled by the ego — and step fully into your TRUE and happiest self. The work that awaits upon shedding your old skin is richer and oh, so much more joyful.  It resonates from that deep soulful place inside you……seeped in full, round breaths, “ah-has” and life instinct.

Reject what you no longer need;
Cast off who you no longer are;
and watch the REAL, (happier) you emerge in it’s place.

The ONLY and absolute point of this soul journey is that you MUST BE the most YOU you can be.  It’s an ascension to a higher, more accurate frequency.

And I don’t care if you’re 25, 34, 47 or 52 years old and beyond….you KNOW when there is
a stirring inside of you that you can’t ignore.

A stirring that you already have all the answers too.
The call to more fully align with the true you that lives deep within.

It’s never too late to be you.

There is still time.

BUT, if you are interested in COLLAPSING TIME and “accelerating” this process, that’s where coaching comes in….if you want:

:: To wake up with more energy, more zest and zeal for life, and actually have the time and the mental capacity to do the things you love like spending time with family, friends, and loved ones…

:: A life where money is never a concern and never a worry.  Where you are spending your days next to the love of your life, feeling fit and healthy, pursuing the career of your dreams with a bountiful bank account that generously supports the beautiful lifestyle you desire…..

:: To dial in on your life, your goals, and get absolute clarity on how to reach them…FAST, and get an exact blueprint to make it happen.

If you’d like to have a quick chat about which coaching program might be right for you –
GO HERE and put in a quick note and let’s set up a quick 20 minute, no-pressure convo (if I don’t think my programs will help you get past your obstacles and to your dreams, I’ll tell you that, promise).


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