No More Waiting (thoughts on wound care)

No more waiting

You’ve got career goals to accomplish.
Legendary love affairs to have.
Creative genius to share.

Yet, you wait.
You putter along at half-capacity.

Your past tugs at your hemline.
Slowing you up.
Weighing you down.

You must remember that time is your most precious commodity.

You can’t buy more time.  It’s just not possible.

You need to become incredibly aware of the places you are investing your spirit. And over-investing in your history, in the past, is simply wasteful.
It’s unproductive + paralyzing. Regardless of what your history is.

It doesn’t matter what has transpired in your life.
“But look at all this trauma,” you say.  Look at these scars, these wounds + all the sadness I have had to endure.”

And truly, there are those among us whose trauma is so monumental
that we need to put it in a separate category and grant generous empathy + kindheartedness.
But for the most part? The wounds that we have had in our life are much, much smaller than that.

And these wounds are certainly not big enough for you to put the breaks on +  stop pursuing your goals, passions +  ever developing mojo.

They’re  just not big enough.

I am not suggesting you repress, bury or disrespect the significance of all you
have been through.

Not at all.

Bow to the healing process.
Talk it out with a good friend.
Visit the self-help section of your favorite bookstore.
Call a therapist or coach.

Do it.

But be vigilant about how much of your day you spend lamenting, arranging + rearranging the past. There is a delicate tipping point after which an appropriate interest in your history becomes over-investment and subsequently unproductive + wasteful.

Watch the slippery slope of recapitulation. It’s purgatory.
However you are,  you are here + you’re ready for more.

Nothing that has happened excuses you from accomplishing your deepest wants + desires.

Tear off the band-aids.

Declare that there will be no more waiting.
Head out into the world…..limping if you have to.
Refuse to occupy the in-between.

Be here now.
With all your perfect + not so perfect parts.
Your soul is rooting for you.



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© 2012 Danielle Dowling

Photo by Diana Schröder-Bode on Unsplash