Normal is boring

Normal is boring

We all have ideas of what ‘normal’ looks like.
Jeans and a button up and tasteful jewelry.
Job in an office.
Saying This Thing at That Time. Reacting This Way to That Event.

And when we don’t think we’re normal –
When we want to wear shredded jeans and an old concert t-shirt
When we work three jobs (none in an office)
When we laughed (and noone else did ) or got angry (and everyone rolled their eyes)
we feel very, very less-than.

If you’ve ever felt less-than for being not-normal, please consider this your official invitation to Stop That B.S. Right Now. 

Why such fascination with “normal?”
Normal is dull.
Boring, even.
There’s no pizazz. No ‘umph.’  No interesting tidbits to get lost in.

‘Off kilter’ on the other hand?
Well, now you’ve got my attention.
Your oddball, idiosyncratic nature is not only captivating but genius.

And everyone – every single one of us – has some form of genius to rock. Tweet this!

Genius is: kooky and unconventional, obsessive and unadulterated.
It’s naturally driven excellence, fueled by devotion and drive.
It’s unapologetic.

Heros of authenticity can be found all around us: teachers, government workers, the bus driver, activists, chefs and dog walkers alike all have their own form of genius to share.

And genius is anything but normal.
(Excellence is not “normal” by the way.)

Your kooky genius is a natural advantage over anyone else.
It points right at your strengths

Don’t desire normal.
Honor your own quirky drive – whatever it is!
Go deeper + catch the nuances of your psyche and then connect with us from that place.

When you’re proudly riding the natural wave of oddball you learn more, give more,
grasp more, and the world feels bigger + full of even more promise.


Photo by The Miscellanista on Unsplash


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  1. My favorite line – “Your kooky genius is a natural advantage over anyone else”. I think I’m going to design a graphic for that quote! Thank you so much for this post. You can never imagine how much you just lifted my soul.

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