Nothing Is Off Limits! (Introducing Dazzle of the Day)

Quote "I can do, be and have anything I desire. Nothing Is off limits!"

Big abundant hellos to you! 

My, am I so, so, SO happy that you’re here.  

If I seem extra excited today, it’s because I am!  
I’m feeling quite over the moon, as they say, to introduce and share with you the
“Dazzle of the Day” series!  

Now, you may be thinking, “What exactly is a dazzle?” 
Good question!

A dazzle is a high vibrational, happy event, circumstance, experience, affirmation, awareness or realization. Basically, a dazzle is anything awesome and of abundance that is worth paying attention to with deep appreciation. For as we pay attention to awesomeness, we attract, do and become more awesomeness. The dazzle practice first came to me in our most recent Hello, Joy! group class. We had such fun with the concept! 

A practice worth practicing, yes?  
I thought so! 
Experience the practice for yourself. Do feel how noticing and appreciating dazzles lifts your mood, and cultivates an “attitude of gratitude.” Thereby raising your vibration and therefore attracting what you want most! 

Every Wednesday, I will share a new “Dazzle of the Day.” You’re welcome to print them out, forward them to a friend, glue them into a dreamscape journal or tape them to the dashboard of the car! Whatever floats your boat. 

I only ask that you be willing to share with me how you feel, what you think or even what you wonder about the dazzle of the day. I want to hear from you! Did it put a smile on your face or a spring in your step? Did doubt and disbelief cross your mind? Did questions of, “But how do I do that…” pop to life? All thoughts, feelings and questions are welcome, so please do hit reply and let me know. 

Very well, then! On to today’s dazzle of the day!

The thinking mind might very well balk at this affirmation, and yet the heart skips a beat in overwhelming joy, does it not? Please notice the difference. Rather, please FEEL the difference. The ego will attempt to logic it’s way into believing this statement, and yet, I encourage you to forgo leading with logic and lead with the heart, instead. For it is the feeling heart that moves manifestation mountains, not the logical mind. 

Pause practicality, for practicality slows the magic of momentum. 
FEEL how good it FEELS to be reminded of your true nature; 
one’s true inheritance. The feel-good-feeling of being reminded that you can do, be or have anything you desire IS the fantastical fuel that allows one to easily do, be and have anything. 

You can feel the truth in that statement, I know you can. 
There are internal fireworks going off….lighting every corner of your soul! 
A big YES reverberates through every cell. 

Take that feeling with you into today.
Lead with that great and grand sense of possibility and assurance. 

The world WILL respond in kind. It will feel your bigness bubbling up and over and meet you in that place of greatness with the people, events, opportunities and circumstances of equal vibration. 

“I can do, be and have anything I desire, and nothing, absolutely nothing, is off limits!” 


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