Ode To The Essential Woman

woman enjoying a pool

Poor decisions.

Compromised love.


She has wrenched herself into a tenuous tangle of to-dos and must-nots. When duty calls, she answers. When obligation whispers, she leaps. Because this is what is expected of her. This is what her world demands.

Her power — stripped, slashed, obliterated.

She’s bled — hope, dreams, intentions + pure life force. Face in hands, hands on knees…she is crushed, yet again. Exposed. Raw. Naked. And insanely beautiful.

She knows that courage + integrity are essential, key.

Yet …The knots are stiff, like woven steel.

She pauses.

Her education is precise — she’s been here before.

Broken as she may feel– In this moment, she is brilliant and radiates possibility.

Expanding with potential.— she unfolds into her future, bright and abundant.

She’s humble but bold to the core. She commands respect. Haven’t you seen her righteous scars? She’s earned your acknowledgement.

Gems of wisdom float buoyantly at the bottom of her purse. She waits patiently to share them. Knowing you’ll come ‘round.

Kindness is sacred and used abundantly. Accommodation remains out of sight-neatly folded to the side.

Accountability + responsibility are stalwart bedfellows. They tenderly whisper, stop blaming your parents, your friends, your partner…yourself

She knows that freedom begins with the act of self-love — not the theory or thought. The act.

She takes the first essential action.

Wide. Open. Receiving. Ready. Now.

She knows the journey is deep, winding and anything but short.

Because this living example of Love + Grace takes a soul-quality investment.


What investments are you making in yourself? What steps do you take to open yourself up?


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