How I Overcome Loneliness

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Like many entrepreneurs I work from home and lately I’ve found myself at here more than normal. And frankly, I find it depressing. It can become a bit of a black hole and instead of writing lovely articles and insights for you I find myself folding laundry and Windex-ing everything in sight. But most of all I’m left with a nagging feeling of loneliness.

Of course you don’t have to work from home to experience boughs of isolation and loneliness, and so I’ve been thinking on how you and I could rescue ourselves from the muck and mire of disconnection. And really, I think the answer is simple.

The next time you feel lonely or unappreciated, consider that unlike many other hardships, this one effects everyone. And unlike other setbacks, this one is easily overcome by realizing that you can fix the problem by appreciating, connecting and loving.

The moment we realize that the person sitting next to us needs us, our network, and the inspiration we create, we’re able to stamp out not only their aloneness but ours as well. When you stop waiting for recognition to come to you and ignite the flames of connection yourself you shine bright and we both see more clearly.  

You are not alone.

Ok! I’m off to see who I can appreciate, 

where I can lead, 

and what I can connect around.

And so. should. you.


Photo by Andie Gómez-Acebo on Unsplash


  1. I feel lonely all the time. I feel like I am in the wrong place in my life and the wrong place in the world. My career is pretty much non-existent. And I am very depressed about this. I feel that I have done all that I can and my current location is the cause of my depression. I hate my life right now. I know that sound melodramatic. But I do. And I can understand what it is like to feel so alone, loneliness all the time. I feel so detached from the world. Thank you for sharing your story.


    Hi Ahsoka! Thank you so so much for sharing with me. I am really sorry to hear just how alone and depressed you are feeling. Without knowing very much it sounds, as you say, that your current location in the world has a lot to do with your overwhelming feelings. Perhaps it is time for a move? I know moves are a BIG deal but I just know if you feel like that might be the next best step that you can absolutely pull it off! If you are spiritual I also like to rely on the mantra: “I am open to being guided. Please direct me to what is best.” Please keep me posted! xoxo

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