Patience Will Get You Nowhere

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Patience will slow down the arrival of your dreams. 

“They” say patience is a virtue.

Yet, I say: How utterly boring!

Why Danielle, you may think, what an unlikely message from you!
Is patience not a virtue to be exalted? Am I not a good and proper person if I can be patient in the process of receiving what I want? At least this is what I’ve been taught, you might proclaim! This is what a high value society encourages, is that not correct?

To which I would respond: This is what a well-intentioned person/s might teach, yes.

Yet, is patience the most efficient and effective means of creating a much desired outcome or fanning the flames of an anticipated dream?
No, I don’t believe it is. Let me explain.

Let’s begin with the dictionary definition of patience: The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Similar terms include: forbearance, tolerance, restraint, resignation, resolve, stoicism. All of which sound very hard and void of any fun or giddy anticipation. Rather, a collection of qualities that encourage a “grin and bare it” attitude.   (Bor—ing…)

Patience, it seems, is a fairly low frequency vibration. And if there’s one thing we know it’s that The Law of Attraction clearly states that “like attracts like” and we get more of what we focus on. Therefore, if you’re awaiting the arrival of your dreams inside the “virtue” of patience, it seems they may take awhile to get here! For your dreams and desires are NOT the same vibration as patience.

Your dreams and desires are of a HIGH energy! The bountiful bank account, the loving, adoring partner, the once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity, are all made of high vibrating, excited, joyful energy– which patience is not!

Patience can also stir up added anxiety as one finds themselves trying to tamp down natural excitement while awaiting a dream’s arrival. “Don’t get too excited, one thinks, the dream may take awhile to get here, and I don’t want the excitement to turn to anger when it doesn’t arrive when expected!” It’s almost as if we force ourselves to pretend or deny we want what we want because who knows when it’ll get here!

And yet, this approach doesn’t feel very good at all! Why not anticipate the having of what you want with thrill and giddiness alike? Why not be excited every day about the inevitable receiving of your dreams? For your excitement, which IS the same energy as your dreams, would indeed SPEED UP the arrival of your desires!

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May I make a bold suggestion and encourage you to swap out patience with KNOWING. Yes, release the need to patiently await the arrival of your dreams and choose instead to practice knowing.

:: I know my dreams will arrive at the exact right time I am ready for them.

:: I know my desires are just around the corner, and I’m excited to receive them with thrill and joy alike.

:: I know the Universe is delivering my heart’s delights in perfect Divine Timing.

:: I know I am the luckiest, most blessed person alive, and I’m so excited to receive….the love of my life….the money in the bank….the opportunity….the inspiration….

What if you decided to KNOW your dream is on its way?

:: I know it will happen.

:: I know it’s on its way to me.

:: I know I can make happiness a habit.

Knowing is the energy of your dreams and desires. Knowing is trust and faith and the vibration of allowing. Knowing is a high vibrating, excited energy.

How can I “know for sure?”, you may ask.
Witness every day, moment to moment, just how much life loves you and adores you and wants you to be happy.

Decide to notice all that is going well in your world today. Decide to see all the good that is happening around you and for you. Notice the green traffic lights, the smiling barista, the pleasant text message, the encouraging email, the good hair day, the extra hug, the front row parking spot, the “failed” opportunity that opened the door to an even better opportunity for you!

Life is loving on you every day, all day, and when you’re aware of this, knowing that it will continue to do so doesn’t seem far-fetched or difficult. Rather, you can simply relax into the knowing that your most delightful of dreams are scheduled to arrive on time, all the time.

You see, knowing is the opposite of stoic or tolerant or boring. Knowing is way more fun, way more vibrant, and therefore, way more natural to the true you!

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