Permission Granted (+ why ‘awesome’ is easy)

picnic laid out on the grass

You didn’t sign up for average in this lifetime, you signed up for awesome.

Awesome= 360 degrees of pure intensity, integrity, courage + powah.

Awesome=everything you ever wanted.

How do you get it?  You give yourself permission to it.

Sounds easy enough. Yet so many of us struggle with the concept, acceptance + manifistation of awesome.

But WHY?

Somewhere deep in the  caverns of our soul is rooted the belief that we don’t deserve awesome.  This “not deserving” permeates our mindset + threatens access to our agency—our power.

But HOW?

How does this concept get rooted in the first place?

We each have a personal story that includes  both great joy + suffering.  It’s the suffering that has the possibility to drive us toward isolating self-doubt.

But at the end of the day….

Doubt + not deserving are concepts that get right to the heart of our consciousness.

Because questions of worthiness + deserving are essentially part of the human condition.  We ALL are plagued with it.

You, me, he, she, we + us.

We are all looking for someone or something to give us permission to move past the doubt + allow us to be, do + have what we want.  Allow us to grasp + savor awesome.

It won’t happen.


You can not find this particular flavor of permission outside yourself.

You must be the one that gives YOU permission.

Yet the not worthy mindset keeps us stuck in believing that a part of us is broken + in order for us to grant permission we must fix something first.  So we play a diabolical game with ourselves thinking “one day” be will be eligible.  One day, when we reach this requirement and that requirement we will finally qualify for permission.

For awesome.

If you always feel like you need to earn it–awesome will always elude you.

Because your power, which awesome really is, is available to you in this moment.

You don’t need to fix or attain anything else.  All you have to do is say yes to it.

Grant yourself permission.

Yes, I can spend my time on activities that make my heart race with joy.

Yes, I can have the health + body I want.

Yes, I can have the relationship I want.

Yes, I can pursue the career of my dreams.

Yes, I can move beyond initial fear of failure and judgment + choose courage instead.

I have said yes to an intoxicating amount over the last 4 years.

Gloriously rewarding but excruciatingly exhausting graduate school;

A long anticipated business that allows me to indulge a love of writing;

Ambition.  Commitment.  Vulnerability.

A relationship with a man who euthanized uncertainty and bred new hope.  In me.

The year is quickly winding down and as it does you will most likely find yourself

at the precipice of what was + what can be.

Decide that 2012 will be your most outstanding year yet.

Decide Yes.

Decide on awesome.

Because you SO can.


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Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash