How to Control Your Perspective on Life & Why it Matters (Video)

control your perspective on life to control your abundance

Perspective is how you see the world. The colors that color it. The tone of it, the musical score that accompanies it. Is your world draped in a kaleidoscope of iridescent and revolutionary color? Would the musical score of your life be one of upbeat, melodious notes often found to accompany the most delightful of Disney movies?

Or quite the opposite?

One’s point of view, or perspective on life, is as unique as the individual. The lenses you view the world through are always your choice! Regardless of circumstance, one can choose to wear rose-colored lenses. You see, perspective is an experience you can control. For perspective is directly determined by what you choose to continuously focus on. Over and over and over again, you can choose to find and focus on what is not wanted. Or instead you can choose to focus on what you do want and what does feel good.

How you consciously choose to focus will impact your perspective, and your perspective is the backdrop your life plays out on. Think of it as the movie set your grand and glorious life is being portrayed on. Would you prefer a rich environment of luxurious colors and plush design elements or a meager and limited set?

No one is more powerful than you.
No one is more capable than you.
No one is more possible than you.

Persevere in the pursuit of feeling feeling-good feelings and thinking feeling-good thoughts.
When you feel like you can’t, you can.
When you feel the cards are stacked against you, they’re not. The ace is in your pocket.
When you feel you won’t ever get what you want. You will.

I’ll show you the formula for having more and calling in every desire of the heart.

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