Plan on heartbreak, failure + pain. (Carry on anyway)

heartbreak and failure

Sweet friend,
Here’s the deal:
Life will leave you heartbroken.

It’s guaranteed. Inevitable.
And just to make this a real downer – this heartbreak will probably
happen more than once.

You will get hurt.
Broken in two (or three.)

You’ll have regrets and wish you could do it over.
You’ll wince in shame + crouch beneath the weight of mediocrity.
You will fail.
This is a given.

You will be disinvited. Worse yet, you’ll be denied outright.
You’ll show up late and lose out with him or her or them.
You will give up too soon and cry heavy, hot tears of frustration.

Misplaced anger + rage will fill your heart and you’ll say things you wish you hadn’t.
You’ll want to take it back, but it will be too late.
People will criticize you and judge you + compare you to your competition.

Doubt will paralyze you + an undeniably rich opportunity will pass by.
You’ll wish you said:
I love you; Don’t go. I didn’t see it before but I was wrong and I’m sorry.

There will be scars.
And they will be on display.

But instead of failure after failure, you will (finally) learn the lesson.
You will mine this heartbreaking experience for the gem of wisdom.
You’ll drink it with dear thirst and curiosity + rise to your rightful, magnificent glory.

You will rise again the way you most desire.
And this time pride will be your wingwoman.

You will never ever, as long as you live, escape heartbreak, failure, or pain.
This is absolutely certain. It is the Universe’s benevolent way of helping us ascend to a higher consciousness. To grow.

Pain + failure is certain.
So this begs the question “Why spend any time trying to avoid the unavoidable?”
Peel the ancient armor from your skin, your protection is not as necessary as you think.
“Status quo” is an illusion +  you’ve been duped.
Shift your energy instead to getting the most out of life.

Do your life big.
Not later.
Not when you’re ready.
Not when you decide you’re less afraid.

Pain and failure will meet you along the way.
Carry on regardless.

An affirmation for your back pocket:

Dear Failure,
You’ve got nothing on me.
I will hold you in the palm of my hand as dust.




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