How Practicing Perseverance Can Make the Perfect Life

woman smiling on a boat in pursuit of a perfect life

Perseverance is a practice as much as anything we desire to “get good at” is a practice. And yet, practice takes perseverance in its own right, does it not? They’re quite symbiotic in that way.

So why am I drumming on about perseverance and practice and practice and perseverance? Because, they’re mutually significant in the experience of your everlasting freedom, joy and expansion. You see, you are a born creator. There is nothing you cannot do or be or have! Even so, one’s natural inheritance of joy and prosperity does not fall out of the sky. One must discover and practice accessing the feel-good feelings that unlock the formula for “more.”

Speaking of more, let me share the exact formula for acquiring, accomplishing and being the more we seek to do, be and have!


Yes, indeed, that’s it!
Simple in nature, is it not?
Makes so much sense, wouldn’t you say?
Logical even, one could argue!

And yet, why does the majority of humanity live a life apart from realizing the desires of the heart? Freedom, joy and expansion seem to lay just out of reach. Many sigh in dismay and resign themselves to mediocrity. The mind tells fibs about one’s happiness. While the heart whispers the truth of one’s unequivocal prosperity and deservingness!

The formula is the formula, and while basic in nature, it requires one’s resolute determination and devotion to feel good and think good. Here is where the practice of perseverance becomes invaluable! 

In a life that seems to throw many challenges our way, how does one feel good and think good no matter the circumstance? When love, wealth, health, connection or creativity seem to evade, how does one find the good in a reality that seems not so good? The ego will insist you’re ignoring reality should you ignore the dim and grim situation at hand. And yet, should you choose to focus on the less than ideal circumstances, you will create, that is manifest, even more disappointment.

For we live in a Universe that is governed by the Law of Creation. A law that firmly yet lovingly states that like attracts like and we get more of what we are focused on. Therefore, I do implore you to ignore reality. You see, perseverance is a quality that allows one to continue trying to do something even though it is difficult! And at first, it feels really difficult to find a feeling good aspect in a not so feeling good situation! Choose to habituate finding feeling good aspects regardless of the circumstance, for if you don’t do this, you create more unwanted than wanted.

:: Happiness is a habit.
:: Feeling feeling-good feelings is a habit.
:: Thinking feeling-good thoughts is a habit. 

These are habits of the individual who unequivocally knows and understands the laws of the Universe. Habits of one who firmly believes that nothing is more important in the game of manifestation and everlasting happiness and prosperity than feeling good!

Therefore, perseverance in the pursuit of finding and focusing on feeling good aspects of whatever you’re giving your attention to is not only powerful but non-negotiable. For what hangs in the balance is freedom, joy and expansion. And nothing is more priceless than those aspects of a joyful life.

“I am willing to persevere in the search of feeling good, no matter the circumstance. I trust as I find emotional relief I’ll change the results I see and the beliefs I believe.” 

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If you want to master focusing on feeling good…
If you’d like to wake up each morning on the “right side of the bed”…..
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