How to Truly Embody “Life Is a Journey, Not a Destination” (Video)

practice worth perfecting life is a journey not a destination

You are the creator of your reality, and should you choose, you can be the deliberate creator of your reality. You can design and manifest your wildest dreams and desires with easy grace and efficiency. And yet, this is not a role most are accustomed to, is it? For most of us spend our days being motivated by conditional constraints of what we believe we must, should and have to do. Conditioning passed down from one generation to the next and often, if rarely, questioned by the individual.
IE: “Do I really value this?”  “Is it true this will make me happy?” 

Even so, it remains unequivocally true that you can break free from any and all “preset tracks of living” assigned by well-meaning family and friends. In last week’s email/video installment I was inspired to remind you that you CAN become THE creative director and producer of a feeling-good life by focusing on feeling good rather than just getting through the day.  Ask yourself: How often throughout the day do I notice how I feel?  How often throughout the day do I feel good?

Nothing is more important in the game of manifesting a joyful and prosperous life than feeling good. As you focus on deliberately generating feeling-good feelings and feeling good thoughts that = manifesting the dreams and desires of your heart. When you feel and think good, you easily attract “happy” events, circumstances and people.

Prioritizing feeling good will take practice and yet, anything worth having takes practice.  Enter this week’s teaching: Practice is a process worth perfecting.

You very much want to feel good, as every soul wants to live a better feeling life.
And yet, you find yourself sucked into the demands of the day. Very quickly you veer off course as you think more of pleasing others than pleasing yourself.

When it comes to self-development, one can put a lot of pressure on one’s self to be instantaneously perfect and confident. Yet, when this fails to happen, one can fall into self-judgment and criticism. Feeling not worthy enough for the goal, we soon give up reaching our desires.

We seek perfection with all endeavors at hand. The ego believes that life would be more enjoyable if one could arrive at one’s goals and intentions instantly. Yet in this scenario, we miss out on the joy of discovering what we’re made of and who we came here to be.

It’s in the misses and the wins that we learn: “Ah, this is who I am! This is what I enjoy! Here is where I excel, and here is what I prefer to leave to someone else!”

Humanity has a saying: “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.”  –Because it is true. It’s in the expansion that is the joy, that is the fun. So, you see, it’s in the practice periods of trying to reach, embody and master anything the heart desires (ie: feeling good) that we have fun and arrive at a profound experience of self-knowing. Therefore, allow yourself to practice with and at anything you recognize holds meaning and value.

So, how does one practice with willingness and ease? How does one be patient during the practice periods along the way to mastery? I share many ways to accomplish this in my Hello, Joy! group and individual coaching courses, and I’d like to share one of those ways here with you today.

Begin by acknowledging that practice is a process.
It’s not an event, a moment, a flash in the pan. It takes time! 

How can this be embodied, you might ask?
Good question!

I like to call this step: “See yourself in the kitchen.”
When a chef is preparing a new dish, rarely do they expect perfection. A wise chef anticipates practicing a recipe 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 times or more before inviting guests over for dinner!

The chef knows and understands that a practice period is necessary to achieve the confidence, comfort and ease preferred. Therefore, one focused practice period after the other, the chef achieves mastery. We’re not in an actual kitchen, and yet, I’d like you to imagine as such as you prepare to practice and master prioritizing feeling good.

You see, when it comes to learning a cooking recipe, we understand it is a process of practice, and therefore the pressure is off. When the pressure is off, we can relax and be easy with ourselves. As we relax, we can enjoy, and as we enjoy, we are more encouraged to stick with it, and as we stick with it, mastery becomes inevitable.

YOU are the chef practicing with your recipes for creating a feeling-good life!

Should you fail to be patient or at ease, know that’s alright. Simply remind yourself: “That’s ok, I’m the chef. I’m practicing, and I know Universe will give me more opportunities to try again.”

I do hope this letter serves you and helps you to further embody being the deliberate creator of your feeling-good life.

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