Pray. Affirm. Intend. Anticipate.

woman crossing her hands on her chest

Prayer can be a powerful form of calling in the help and guidance we most need and seek. Prayer has long been a part of humanity’s culture and history. For some, with very positive connotations and memories. For others, not so much. Those who are apt to shun this ritual often do so because of its seemingly religious roots. Yet, prayer predates most modern day and ancient religions. Before religion, there was prayer. A focused, intentional way of having connection with a benevolent and loving energy that one has faith and trust in.

Prayer is given to us by Universe. Think of it as if picking up the phone to call a good and wise friend. It is as if sending that text message in a moment of great celebration or deep need. It is our direct line with all that is loving and generous. As well as with those who are loving and generous. We all have loved ones and ancestors who have passed who we desire to speak and consult with. Prayer is our means of doing so! To feel their potent presence in the here and now.

Intentions are prayers.
Affirmations are prayers.
Mantras are prayers.
More hip versions, yet prayer nonetheless!

With prayer we can ask for guidance and direction and ease. In the asking, there can be the knowing that we are heard and therefore tended to with ever present compassion.

:: Pray for it to be easy.
:: Ask for it to be a win/win solution for all involved.
:: Intend to prioritize your well being above meeting the expectations of others.
:: Allow for prosperity and joy to flow with the effortless ease of winter’s first snow.

Co-create the exact experience you would like to experience by placing your meaningful words alongside the desire. Universe does hear you. Your loved ones do hear you. The all of everything does hear you and wishes to be the co-captain alongside you in the creation of all you desire and all you wish to grow into having, being and receiving.

Pray for it.
Intend for it.
Affirm it.
Gleefully anticipate it’s arrival!

It can be quite lonely and exhausting to feel as if we are at it alone in life. Yet, the deepest truth is that there’s an entourage of souls in the The Light who wish to co-create joyous manifestations with us, as well as usher us past upset with ease and grace. We need only ask.

If you wish to co-create the experience of feeling supported, loved and feeling good above all else, it is my greatest pleasure to invite you to my upcoming six week, live, group coaching program, HELLO, JOY! Choosing joy is a skillset to be mastered. In a world that teaches us to prioritize expectations, obligations and to-dos, Hello, Joy! asks that you choose your well-being and happiness first. It is from this place of genuine vitality and clarity that we can best be of service to those we love and to the causes we wish to impact. First within and then without.

We begin Oct. 12th.
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What is the meaning of joy? We all claim to want it, seek it and create it. Yet, many remain unclear as to what their specific state of joy looks and feels like. How then can one magnetize a state of being that is unclear and therefore elusive?

We say we know what to do when hurt arises or how to attract greater abundance, yet rarely do we apply what we say we know. Overtaken by an egoic moment, what we know goes out the window in exchange for mindless reactions that don’t serve. We can and will do better, for joy is our birthright. 

Join me for a SIX WEEK adventure I cheerfully call HELLO, JOY! Fun, eye-opening and new, these six weeks (October 12th-November 23rd) will usher in avalanches of bountiful abundance. Goodbye to problems of the past as we ascend to great heights of personal clarity and confidence. It’s as if I took a giant broom and swept together the most transformational life tips and tricks and bundled them together in one neat place. An interactive group course, we’ll unpack, explore and practice one transformational way of being each week for six weeks!

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