Prioritize Your Action Items by Enthusiasm

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Welcome back to another delightful and delicious “Dazzle of the Day!” Surely, the thinking mind will have a bit of a huff and puff with this week’s subject! For here we are again milling about in the waters of feeling good and having fun. A topic the ego often refers to as inconsequential and childish in relationship to manifesting prosperity and abundance.

And yet, prioritizing fun and enthusiasm is truly a superpower! That’s right, enthusiasm is a superpower on the path to receiving your greatest dreams and desires.  

Oh, how the soul comes to life in the anticipation of having many stupendous journeys and adventures! Passion, purpose and the desire to live a satisfying life sends us jaunting down many paths. With an array of meaningful decisions to be made, we compile lists of action items we deem as important to the accomplishment of our goals. And yet, often at the top of these lists are a series of items rarely aligned with the soul’s true calling.

For example the headliners tend to be:
:: “important” tasks someone else gives us to do
:: tasks that can wait, like unloading the dishwasher, rather than doing what has heartfelt meaning for you
:: tasks we tell ourselves we “should” do because it will make someone else happy or happy with us, but we’re not lit up by those tasks

This leaves one’s interests and feeling-fun-factor pretty low on the list, and as a result, very unlikely to manifest. For, how can we manifest something we’re not focused on? Most people are aware of a handful of authentic desires they genuinely want to commit to or that would be fun to be had but don’t allow themselves. We’re in the habit of doing what we think we have to, should or are obligated to do, rather than prioritizing what is meaningful to us. However, if we continue to say, “I’m going to wait until everything settles down to have fun and pursue my interests,” then it’s never going to happen! Everyone says: “I’ll do it tomorrow,” but when tomorrow comes, the ego prioritizes something other than the heart’s desires.

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Here’s the “thing” about prioritizing your action items by enthusiasm–it’s way more energizing and productive. It’s fun and you feel fun. One may feel tired at the end of the day but not depleted. You get an incredible amount of work done towards your goals because you’re at ease and enthusiastic. Laughter abounds, there’s a skip in your step, you’re funny and witty and are available to see the humor in situations; the day zips by, you’re kinder to yourself and those around you. Even better, you’ll feel a contentment and peace as you go about each minute knowing that you need not worry or fret about what hasn’t happened or should happen or is supposed to happen. Can you feel it? Can you feel the difference in “performance” on a gas tank full of stress versus a gas tank full of enthusiasm? Oh, the miles and miles and extra miles of joy and success to be had on the fuel of fun! For truly, thinking feeling good thoughts + feeling good = manifesting the desires of your heart.


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