Procrastination can be productive (yes, really.)

procrastination succulents on a window sill

Procrastination can be a form of wisdom.

In an age of “instant” and uber “gotta-make-it-happen-now” productivity our
hesitation can incorrectly get labeled as procrastination.

That ‘hesitant pause’ might very well be perceptive resistance. A deeper hunch of wrong timing.

Look, we all put things off. Whether you’re a firecracker or a gentle soul
we’ve all dabbled in procrastination. But what seems like avoidance
on the surface may instead be divine instinct.

Hesitation is a red flag.  It demands your attention and you’re smart to take notice. Scan it for new information, gems of wisdom. Ask yourself: What about the circumstance at hand has me pausing? What feels good about it and what feels off? What about it feeling off is out of integrity for me?

You get clear.
Resistance is mitigated.
Motives and next steps easily make themselves known.

If the answer ends up being “no,” “not now but maybe next time”
or “hell, yes!” you know why.

You’re less reactive and more informed.
You calmly communicate your truth.

Trust that divine shifts and occurrences can happen when you choose inner knowing over external pressure.

Loving you!


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