Prove Less. Live More. (+ free inspirational wallpaper)

prove less live more

It’s so, so easy to slip into self-doubt and anxiety.  We all need the occasional reminder that we’re capable of amazing things – which  is why in January I launched a collection of reminder-ful, inspirational, self-love-inducing wallpaper for all your digital devices.  (And it’s totally FREE!)

‘Prove less. Live More’ is the third in the series and a personal motto of mine at the moment.

In the age of tweeting, instagramming, facebooking, pinning, aspiring, comparing,and longing I’ve decided I need to prove a lot less and live a lot more.  Because, in reality,  all that proving is waaayy too exhausting.  Are you with me?

You won’t please everyone.
You won’t please any one person all of the time.
Shit, you won’t even please yourself all of the time.

What if we shifted?
What if we took the energy we spend proving + instead dedicated it to the experience of living a lusciously full life?

What would you make (much needed) space for? 

:: Maybe you show up to life more honestly.
:: You take that much anticipated but highly risky next move.
:: You take the day off.
:: Enjoy a full 1-hour lunch break (away from your desk)
:: You say ‘no’ more often.
:: Sleep
:: You don’t take the ‘promotion of a lifetime,’ the job your parents think you should accept, marry the guy your friends love + instead upgrade your  hobby to full time business adventure; accept the job offer you want + pursue the love you desire.

I bet you’ll complain less. You’ll be more open-hearted + optimistic.
Because when you’re less concerned with making ‘them’ happy it becomes easier for you to return to center + the honesty of your core desired feelings + inspirations.

You’ll have more to give.
And bountiful giving is good.
Real good.


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