Raise Your Frequency With: “I choose to fall in love with what’s in front of me.” (Video)

quote image with heart and stationary "I choose to fall in love with what's in front of me"

There are few more powerful and significant mantras, mindsets and belief systems than choosing to be aware of and find the joy present in the present moment. You are the creator of all you see and experience. This is both an uplifting, empowering statement, as well as one met with reasonable resistance. For one can state in disbelief and despair, “I certainly don’t think I’m the sole creator of my life, because I would never choose to create the upset I am currently experiencing!” Nevertheless, the full and absolute truth remains that indeed we are the one powerful creator of our now-reality.

While there may be an aspect of our life we don’t prefer or downright despise, it can be deactivated and undone through the immersible power of one’s focus. Yes, it is The Law of Attraction, which you have heard so much about. For what we focus on grows; like attracts like. And in whatever way we are focused on what we don’t want, don’t like and don’t prefer, we receive more of it. Similar to a magical, magnetic piece of Velcro, our thoughts attract matching thoughts and then matching things.

Therefore, if your desire is to begin attracting your deepest dreams and wishes, consciously choose the practice of falling in love with what’s in front of you–because what you love, loves you back. While it may be challenging to love one’s illness, divorce or bankruptcy (although possible), one can be aware of, like and love what is going well in life.

There is a cornucopia of wonderful things and circumstances occurring around us and for us at all times. Let us choose to pay more attention to the unfolding of pleasing abundance rather than the smallness of old, limiting stories of lack.

As we begin to fall in love with what’s in front of us, The Law of Attraction does as it is designed to do and easily ushers in even more to feel good about and love. At this precious and priceless intersection exists the very truth of who we are: powerful beyond measure, co-creators of an abundant, prosperous and expensive reality.

I choose to fall in love with what’s in front of me.
Everything is my favorite thing to do, be and have.

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