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You can do, be and have anything you desire…and nothing, absolutely nothing, is off limits!

A bold statement. And yet, no truer statement can be made about the reality of who you are and what is possible for you. 

You are:

  • Divinity
  • Manifestational might of epic proportions 
  • The epicenter of your own life and powerful beyond measure  
  • The turner of “thoughts into things.”  
  • Disneyland packed into 30 trillion cells 
  • The dream-maker
  • Every magic wand ever made, abracadabra, hocus-pocus and bitty-boppity-boo 
  • Made of the same energy that creates worlds, solar systems and galaxies 

And yet, what do the majority of us do with this awesome power?

We diminish it…

We repress it…

And often, we let it go completely UNTAPPED…

Time is of the essence, friend... 

Do not let another day, year or lifetime flit by without creating a direct pipeline between you and the treasure trove of riches life wants to bestow upon you! 

Turn on the faucet of abundance so a steady stream of well-being can constantly and consistently flow to you and through you. 

Grant yourself the permission to dream and dream big! 

Open up to the freedom of being all that you can, are and will be. 

For there exists not a health, financial, work, family or body crisis bigger than The Light of who you really are.  

Lets wake the epic YOU up!

I would like to invite you to the most delicious of adventures designed to fan the flames of your power of creation, for YOU are a creator through and through.

Would you like to go on a magic carpet ride to manifest abundance with me this year? 

A journey that will transform you into the deliberate, conscious co-creator of all your heart desires, wishes and yearns for? 

It’s easier than you may think…

It is your SOUL’S INHERITANCE and very nature to manifest abundance and the delights of your heart with ease and grace.  

So often it is the illusion of being without that acts as the diversion on our path to personal success and inner peace. 

Yet, joy and prosperity is our birthright, as well as a CHOICE!

Yes, that’s correct…

A cup-runneth-over-kind-of joy is a skill set to be mastered.  An essential life skill without which one seems to float aimlessly in a sea of endless choices.

Who would’ve thought that prosperity and joy were a skill set ANYONE can master, and not the product of sheer luck or circumstance? 

Well, they’re not…

YOU have exactly what it takes to transform what was once a wish of the heart into a skill set to be masterfully yielded at a moment’s notice. 

(Almost, if you will, like pulling out a magic wand from those beloved Disney movies!)  

Imagine harvesting and mastering this skill-set to create the life of your wildest dreams! 

????   The home of your dreams 

????  A peaceful and tranquil existence 

????  Plenty of money to do as you choose when you choose

????  Clients and career opportunities galore beating down your proverbial door

????  A connection with who you are, have been and who you shall be

✨  Free time to enjoy yourself, friends and family 

????  The unconditional, lasting love of the right partner who will support and believe in you

2021 is a year of remarkable possibility for you and humanity alike. 

Let us shed the so-called problems of the past, release scarcity mindedness and small feeling and therefore small living. 

The epic life awaits, dear one, and your one-way ticket to a magic carpet ride of exceptional satisfaction and prosperity lay in front of you!  

Pack your proverbial bags and welcome yourself to the ultimate year long “get-away” designed for the spiritual soul ready to dream big! 

“Reality Meets Magic” is an elite opportunity to receive high level, strategic and spiritual mentorship. 

We live in a three-dimensional world that requires logical steps… 

However, without the ability to tap into the magic of intuition, allow for divine guidance and masterfully mold energy, one finds oneself taking all the “right steps”, but creating dissatisfying results. 

This exquisite and elegant programming blend of “Reality Meets Magic” creates material riches and the all-important experience of pleasure, fun, freedom and expansion. 

For what are all the world’s most precious gems without inner wealth? 

You can have BOTH!

Any story you’ve ever created or heard otherwise is an illusion we will evaporate as if dust in the wind. 

This is a 12-month, high-level coaching and mentorship JOURNEY, where you will receive an abundance of private, personalized attention. 

This will be a sacred space to receive and create based on energetic, spiritual and feminine principles.  

And yes, for those souls who have their feet firmly planted in the real world, we will weave in logic and practicality as appropriate. 

It is reality meets magic, after all! 

Create the best possible outcomes in every area of your life as you enjoy unprecedented digital access to me and my rich toolbox of psychological, coaching and energetic tools and techniques. 

A new, abundant age has begun… 

Let us prioritize feeling good above anyone and anything else, and set course for a joyful future with intention to do so as our own captain!

Here’s What The ‘Reality Meets Magic’ 12-month, 1:1 Mentorship Program Includes: 

36 Private Coaching Calls (3x a month)

Alignment, accountability and “dream-casting” begins here:  

  • Set powerful intentions in line with one’s soulful vision for oneself. 
  • Grant yourself an abundance of permission to be seen and supported as we peel away and release smallness of any kind. 
  • Reacquaint yourself with the dreams of your heart, knowing there is nothing you can not do, be or have. 

Magic carpet in tow, we will set flight for the full and complete manifestation of all you desire. And much more!    

6 SoulFull Elixir Blends

I was deeply inspired to create a series of essential oil remedies to accompany your soul-expanding journey! 

The essential oil elixirs were carefully curated and paired together in such a way as to help advance the transformative powers of the emotional work. 

Yes, please do play, create and experiment with EACH elixir blend, as you practice the steps within each of the lessons I will be sharing. 

They are the perfect complement to one another, encompassing the exact same emotional and vibrational frequency. 

The design and formulation is the perfect partner to the inner work. 

You will receive a total of six abundance producing elixir blends and detailed descriptions of their individual healing powers prior to the commencement of our work. 

Raise your energy and mood through these pairings with intention, ease and elation.

1-Of-A-Kind Manifestation Success Path

As unique as you, each curriculum will be individually crafted to meet and accomplish your specific intentions and goals. 

Utilizing a wide assortment of psychological, coaching and spiritual tools and techniques, I will create a bespoke program that is satisfying, transformative and abundant. 

Radiant VIP Support (Direct access to ME!)

Enjoy an abundance of email and text support for any feelings, thoughts and questions that may arise for you throughout the course! 

Interested in the Reality Meets Magic program?
Here’s What You Need To Do Next:

Step 1: Schedule a Discovery call with Danielle! 

This is a complimentary 1-on-1 call with Danielle for people who are ready to create a new, prosperous and feel-good life path/story for themselves. Expect the call to last approximately 45 minutes. During this call, you’ll get clear on what’s working and what’s not working in life as well as next steps needed to finally tap into your power and create a joyful, inspiring life of infinite abundance. 

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Step 2: Fill out the short application form

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