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Feeling a bit stuck in your relationship? This Weekly Relationship Template is just what you need.

I’ve touched on the importance of friendship before. This post nicely demonstrates the importance of your college roommates.

What would be on your list of “Things I Know For Sure?”
“What you put out in the world comes back to you.”

Who says you have to be a kid to enjoy Disney World’s Magic Kingdom? The Glitter Collective shares 7 Must-Do Ideas.

What are you doing to help your business stand out?
“You can follow every rule, how-to and template.
You can take the courses, read the books and get the credentials.
But the thing that really matters is what you do differently.”

I love to turn on a great podcast while I’m cleaning, cooking or talking a leisurely walk.

I’m loving this new-to-me site, OneWomanShop. Any solopreneurs out there feeling overwhelmed? She’s got you covered.

Could etiquette training boost your business success?

Admit it; the idea of starting a self-hosted blog is daunting. Say a big THANK YOU to Rachel for breaking down the steps of starting a WordPress blog with Bluehost.

Struggling to sell your products on your website? Answer these 4 questions.

On “Getting There”
“If you can honestly say that you put in the work and effort to “get there”, then you can do no wrong. Keep working and doing, and it will happen for you.”
Trust the curveball is for your higher good.
Curveballs can come in many forms: break-ups, getting fired, foreclosures, company re-structuring, losing a big client, health problems…the list goes on. If you are facing any one of these situations you know all too well the roller-coaster of emotions ranging from fear to mourning, outrage to denial. You may feel lost, out of control and at the whim of the Big Bad World.”

2 days of soul pampering? I’m in.

Whether you want to look pretty or fierce, these blogs will teach you how.

Even with a closet full of clothes, I still stand there thinking, “I have nothing to wear!” This has helped tremendously.

My new favorite yoga studio in West Hollywood!

Take a moment to check out these beautifully haunting paintings. Wouldn’t you love to own one?


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