What’s Right for Right Now IS Right (Video)

"what's right for right now is right" quote image with hearts

What’s right for right now IS right. 

Could there be a truer statement than this? Most definitely, a more true and accurate statement to guarantee success and happiness does not exist! The ego believes that grand plans culminate into success. Quite frankly, the ego prefers and is in the habit of following someone else’s grand plans for a meaningful and rewarding life.

Yet, success as the soul desires it cannot and will not be found via someone else’s roadmap for a happy life. Am I suggesting you throw out others’ suggestions about what you should do, have to do and must do to be happy and feel accomplished? Well, YES, I am! 

Now, I am not inferring to not hear others out, but ultimately, I’m encouraging you to put their advice and guidance on hold as you take the time to inquire within yourself as to what feels good to you! Consider which next step, move and decision sit well and gloriously right with you right now.

For the future filled to the brim with freedom, joy and expansion is only ever created by being in alignment with what feels good for you right now. Right here in this single, solitary moment.
You see, when we are in a straight line with what feels good for us (not someone else) right now, we automatically snap into right alignment with a future that also feels good. Yes?

I do hope you enjoy this video I recorded for my very special, private Facebook group, Radiant Living. It is my delight to pop in and share my deepest personal lessons and joys. I fully believe we are students and friends in the practice of self-expansion together.

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