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Satisfaction is the state of being abundantly pleased with what is.

Satisfaction is the knowing that all is well and will continue to unfold as such. It is the desire of every person, and yet, what is pleasing and enjoyable for one may not be the case for another. I might enjoy ocean views and sunny breezes, while you take pleasure in snow capped mountains.

You see, the knowing of what brings one satisfaction is more than half the game of manifestation. For without the knowing, there is no receiving. The Law of Attraction works in a very specific and deliberate way in that one gets what one thinks about most of the time. 

Therefore, if one is thinking about that which one doesn’t want to happen or wishes wouldn’t happen that is what one attracts.

When one knows what satisfies them, as in what brings them pleasure, then one could choose to deliberately focus on the receiving of that vision. When one has not gone through the introspective process of becoming aware of one’s preferences, one could end up attracting just about anything into one’s life. When we lack a sense and knowing of our preferences, we end up attracting outcomes we have been taught to want. Accomplishing goals that aren’t ours don’t feel satisfying, and therefore, we are better served by discerning our true desires from other’s wants for us.

We cannot force ourselves into feeling satisfied because we’re told to do so by another. You are a powerful being who has come into this experience of life with an equally powerful, built in, intrinsic GPS. This system is your emotions. If something doesn’t make your heart sing, not to be confused with something you fear or you can’t master, don’t move into it. If your heart does sing, proceed forward, as it is yours for the receiving, which is the next step in the manifestation process. Nonetheless, today we are focused on sifting and sorting and arriving at the crystal clear knowing of what lights up your heart, hence inspiring true satisfaction.

Most human beings have not questioned their values in a very long time. Someone a long time ago said: “Life should be like this,” and we continue to operate as if that is true for all individuals. Therefore, a critical question on the path to greater satisfaction is: “What do I really value?” 

:: Do I really value this type of phone over this other model?

:: Do I really desire to have children?

:: Do I really value marriage?

:: Do I really value owning a traditional home?

:: Do I really value climbing the corporate ladder?

OR are these values someone else has told you to value?

You see, if you don’t value it, then even if you achieve it, you will not feel satisfied for very long. Therefore, is it worth pursuing, if satisfaction isn’t the end result?

No, it is not.

What is life for if not to have fun pursuing and accomplishing one’s truest ambitions? Life is meant to be the grandest and most glorious of amusement parks. Full of belly laughs, cotton candy and a few fun scares. Not a self-imposed prison.

Every soul desires to live a fun and satisfying life and that doesn’t happen by living out someone else’s dream for you. What’s the point of satisfying another, if only to feel no satisfaction with oneself? Do prioritize your well-being. Delightfully go in the pursuit of true-blue desires and aspirations those you love will share in that happiness. In the rare cases where they do not know that the joy in your heart will be so all encompassing that you will be happily distracted by the genuine please of living an authentic life!

If you desire to live in a constant state of satisfaction….
If you yearn to create a life rooted in deep pleasure…..
If you wish to say goodbye to the problems of the past…..

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Truly, there is no feeling more valuable than the feeling of feeling good in the world.

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