How to set yourself up for success

Set yourself up for success

Gratitude is the precursor to true success.
Every time and all the time. 

Success begins by finding enduring gratitude for:
The ex-boyfriend who tore your heart open with grief + consequently forced new light in.
The article that changed your perspective.
The doctor was reached just in time.

The stern but sincere friend who refused to believe you when you said you couldn’t.
Coffee just the way you like it.
The dismantling divorce that gave birth to a real, more vibrant you.

Getting the last perfect sweater in your size.
Closing the deal.
Staying under the covers on a chilly Saturday morning. (With your favorite book + TV remote)

Discovering you get to rebuild yourself exactly the way you want.
Coming home after a long day. (+ tossing your heels off)
The taxi cab, bus and subway operator who got you there on time again this morning.

His or her sweet kisses in the morning and enveloping hugs in the evening.
Acknowledging and then dismissing your fear with great forgiveness + vigilance.
The new kick-ass workout mix you just downloaded from iTunes.

Realizing you are O-V-E-R him or her.  Finally.
When your child tells you they love you SO much.
Fresh, warm, folded laundry + a soothing cup of tea.

After years of lugging around oppression, you decided to do the work of rebuilding and are getting exactly what you want.  And so much more.
Being genuinely interested + interesting.
How sparkly and brand new you feel after getting the car washed.
Knowing he is out there and although you haven’t met yet, he adores you.

Straight-talk encouragement from a trusted resource.
The joy of laughter + its healing power.
Grief catching you off guard + still making it to the other side.

Backing away from doubt and rising to the occasion.  Again.
Getting laid off.
And the magic moment when angst subsides, liberating freedom floods in + knowing you now have full-fledged permission to pursue your passion with gusto and exuberance.

The giggles after a spark-filled first date.
Realizing WHY you have been holding back + deciding to do something about it.
Stating your case.  Putting your opinion out there + being celebrated for it.

Recognizing the friend you have in yourself.
Discovering what you DON’T want to do.
Welcoming the human experience of being lonely.

Finally stopping to fix it.

Gratitude can be evocative + intense.
It is the subtle internal shift that produces monumental awareness.
The joy and sense of success gratitude evokes is your birthright.
Your inheritance.

So get gracious…..not just in this week of Thanksgiving, but daily.
Start today.

And Always.