How Intention Setting Is More Powerful Than Goal Setting (Video)

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As the deliberate, on purpose creator of your feeling good life, you know and understand that being as such takes loving and patient practice. Humanity has become accustomed to living out the dreams and desires of those who have come before us. Often one believes they’re following the dreams and desires of their own heart. And yet, with closer inspection find they’re pursuing what well intentioned family and friends have suggested they pursue, create, establish.

Therefore, turning your attention back to you and being curious about what you truly desire to create for yourself is a new way of thinking. A way of being that with intentional practice will truly produce a satisfying life! For it will be a life full to the brim of accolades, accomplishments and material belongings that are authentically meaningful to you and you alone! Ah, the joy!

So what’s a person to do once they come into the discovery of what truly lights their heart up? How are we to go about pursuing manifesting abundance and having of our true-blue desires? To which the traditional world would reply: Why you must set goals! Yes, goals are how to best go about making what you want to happen!  

And yet, I would suggest otherwise. Rather, I would encourage you to set intentions, not goals. A thinking mind somewhere just let out an audible gasp, I am sure of it!
Nonetheless, I would absolutely and unequivocally maintain that intention setting is a more powerful, expedient and efficient way to “achieve” your desires and dreamsGoals, on the other hand, tend to be rigid and the sloooowwwww way of going about things. 

Let me explain.
As the decidedly deliberate creator of your reality, you can choose the fast way.

You see, the thinking mind believes success and happiness can only be had if the goal is achieved in perfect accordance with the ego’s plan. “This is how I can be happy,” the ego declares! Yet, in truth, the human mind can only imagine a handful of ways by which you can receive your desires (slow). So when the plan doesn’t go according to plan, we often feel disappointed, disillusioned and let down (slow). We chock up the entire “goal,” and often ourselves, to being a failure (slow). And yet, the only thing we are failing at is to see that there might be an even better, quicker way to receive what we want!

The Universe, can imagine unlimited ways (fast) to usher you from where you are to where you want to be! Intention setting does require some open mindedness, as well as an open heart. Meaning: as long as we remain small minded and married to our plan for how goals should unfold (slow), we cut ourselves off from the never-ending, never-tiring stream of abundance and inspiration that Universe is providing (fast).

Therefore: Intentions are the clear knowing of the direction you would like to move in, yet with a powerful twist on classical goal setting! A deep and honorable devotion to remain flexible and open to how and exactly when our dreams unfold.

When we set an intention, we partner our desire with the clear knowing and “eyes” of the Universe. We move out of our own way and open up to being well guided by life, for Universe always sees the most direct path (fast) to our heart’s destination!

This requires one to not discount random occurrences as random and therefore meaningless. Rather, slow down and consider if the “out of the blue” email, phone call, statement or response was anything but random and in fact a gem of inspiration by a loving and ever-present Universe. Life saying: “I know you are planning on turning right, yet have you perhaps considered going left?” (wink-wink)

Intention Setting Examples:
​​In any situation where you desire to create a certain experience for yourself, begin with being clear about how you would like to feel and in what manner you would enjoy the path to fulfillment to unfold.

If you are desiring a new job or business opportunity, more money in the bank, optimal health, more clients, qualified and charming dates, connection with a likeminded community, the well crafted email, text, phone call, presentation to the important someone, etc., you could begin with some of the below intention statements as well as expand upon them.

Core variations:

  • I would like it to be fun.
  • I would like it to be easy.
  • I would like to feel clear and confident.
  • I would like to feel desirable and witty.
  • I would like to feel tapped in and focused.

Expanded variations:

  • My intention is to put what’s for my highest good above all endless tasks I think I need to get done right now.
  • My intention is to release upset, angst and confusion with ease and grace.
  • My intention is to seek and find all the reasons I have to feel good today.
  • My intention is to love and adore myself the way I desire to be loved and adored by another.
  • My intention is to move through today’s projects with clarity, confidence and ease.
  • My intention is to place myself first always and then tend to the desires of others.

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