Show up + making big things happen

Make Big Things Happen

Sometimes making big things happen + crafting more daily joy
is simply about showing up.

Like, literally.
Not in the figurative, metaphorical way.
In the ‘I’m going to go to that event and then I’m going to talk to people.  In person.
With my mouth.’ way

When you show up, when you leave your office and step away from you computer,
you’re about a million times more likely to encounter opportunities.

You can give it your all, put the time in, play by all the rules. You can create the sleekest, most innovative something-or-other that’s ever existed. You can be the best woman for the job. But! if you don’t get off the couch, away from your desk + get out there – it’s not going to happen to the extent you desire.

Opportunity doesn’t exactly come find you while you are holed up in your office messaging with friends.  Opportunity is born out of relationships and you can’t make those in front of a computer screen.

Does social media help you make connections?  Of course.  But nothing can replace one-on-one time and real,actual conversation. There are hundreds of other creations, people and products just as innovative + awesome as you and yours.

So what makes the difference?  

YOU.  You do.  Your actual energetic presence.
The passion + verve you vibrate.
We need you standing in front of us – buzzing only the way you can buzz about you + yours.

When I meet social media friends at events, I have a great point of reference and feel like I know them a little, even though we’ve never actually met in person.  It lights me up to connect a person and voice to the name and tiny profile photo.

And that amazing person I just met in real life?  We’re going to go find some opportunities.

Need a bit of motivation to show up – literally – in your life?  Here’s a list to get you started:

One person I can talk to today  ______________________________

One person I can talk to this week _____________________________

One person I can talk to this month ________________________

Show up.
Make it happen.

A year from now you’ll thank yourself for it.


I’m a Los Angeles based life coach + business coach.
I offer a sharp combination of keen insight, know-how + intuition.
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Photo by Hugo Sousa on Unsplash