A SOL Moving Podcast: Sol food that’s better than chocolate!

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Isn’t it my great and grand pleasure to be taking over the Sol-Space podcast today with its beloved and beguiled hosts, Heather and Brooke!

We dig in, like in a big way, to what it means to feel good, and why it’s more important than ever to treat yourself well. In a world of more chaos and unrest it is easy to lose ourselves in the daily news and in the entertaining and education of our children. I mean, who has time to change out of their pajama pants?!

I’m not suggesting one eat Bon-Bons everyday, although a day of Bon-Bon eating could be soul inspiring as well! Yes, do take a deep breath, sit back and relax. We’re about to saunter down the yellow brick road of feeling good together.

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About Solspace:
Can you imagine a place that’s designed with the “SOL” purpose to support you? I can! SOLSPACE was created by two mompreneurs, Brooke and Heather, who believe in intuitive rhythm over balance. It’s their goal to help women find their flow through sharing personal experiences and curating content with experts who specialize in womanhood, entrepreneurship, parenthood and relationships. Life may never feel balanced, yet, if we listen to our God given intuition we can lean into an experience that nurtures ourselves while supporting those who need us. It takes a village; let SOLSPACE be yours.


Have you wondered what the #1 formula is for a free, joyous and expansive life?
Answer: Feel Good = Things Flow

Feel good, feel good, feel good! Yes, feeling good is not only a divine right, but your divine state of being. Yes, at your soul sparking eons ago, you were infused with not only joy, but pure magical elation.

Feeling good is a soul responsibility and the only “job” of true importance. What “job” could be more meaningful than aligning oneself to the clear inner-knowing and confidence of what brings oneself joy? Well, nothing really! Once the soul steps into the articulation of what feels good, it then possesses the most powerful, potent spiritual tool of all! Yes, you create a joy-filled day with the tool of confidently deciphering what feels good.

Bestowed with this knowing, the soul paves a path sprinkled by rainbows, butterflies and unicorns! I do know that sounds a bit silly, but it does make the point quite well, does it not? Rainbows, butterflies and unicorns are your soul’s true divine inheritance. Seek it, and the feeling of feeling good will rain upon you like candy from heaven!


Forever yours!




PS. Don’t forget to download The Feel Good = Things Flow Soul Script + The Feel Good = Things Flow Magical Elixir Recipe.

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