Helping Hundreds of Women Align With Their Life’s Purpose, Prioritize Their Happiness Without Feeling Guilty, Juggle Life’s “Necessities” With Ease AND Still Have Time For Self-Care!

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Keep Reading If You:

  • Look at your life and think: “Is this all there is?”
  • Feel like there should be MORE to your life, but you don’t know what “more” means.
  • Don’t know your life’s purpose, or WHY you’re here.
  • Feel stress or total ”burnout” from juggling all of life’s necessities.
  • Struggle to prioritize your own wants, needs and dreams because you’re too busy caring for everyone else.
  • Feel Guilty about doing something for yourself (especially when the ‘something’ makes your heart sing).
  • Dream of living your dreams, after you figure out what they are!

Your 5-Week Soul Sessions Program

This 110-Page Guide Provides You With A Detailed Outline of Everything You Need To Know To:Align With Your Soul’s Purpose, and Easily Manifest Your Heart’s Dreams and Desires.

Specific Training Program

The Soul Sessions training is broken down into 5 weeks. Each week focuses on a specific intention and goal that brings you closer to discovering and aligning with your life’s purpose and inner-wisdom.

During Soul Sessions, you will go on an inward journey to answer the questions, “Is this all there is? And “What now?” You’ll learn the invaluable skill of being aware of how you feel and directing your focus and attention in such a powerful way that you can easily manifest your heart’s many desires.

Soul Session Exercises

In addition to your Soul Session training, you’ll receive practical exercises to help open your mind and heart, and allow the inner-work to begin!

Each exercise is designed to build on the week’s Soul Session, and encourages you to reflect and take active steps toward self-discovery! Prioritizing your well-being without feeling guilty has never been easier!

Encouragement & Motivation

Joy and happiness is a choice that starts with you! It is my honor to motivate, guide and support you as you journey on this path of self-discovery and self-actualization!

Release the overwhelm that comes with juggling life’s necessities. Instead, become masterful at pivoting your perspective and the art of choosing your happiness first!

My goal is that you will complete the 5-week program and gain access to a life of purpose and amazement that makes your heart sing.

Guided Meditations & Empowerment Audios

Think of these guided meditations and empowerments as a “direct line” into your higher consciousness! I designed the audios to go along with Soul Sessions to help create an inspirational, encouraging environment that fosters powerful thoughts and inner knowing.

Since we’ll be accessing your subconscious mind, we’ll be feeding it powerful affirmations and perspectives to help you manifest abundance faster!

Essential Oil, Crystal Elixirs

When you sign up for the 5-Week Soul Sessions program, I’ll also SEND you a 5 ml essential oil blend called “Soul Full.”

Designed to uplift and shift your mood and physical well-being, the essential oil, crystal elixirs and accompanying affirmations will supercharge the whims, wishes and desires of your heart.

The elixir was intentionally created with the SAME energetic vibration and healing frequency of the Soul Session lessons. You’ll be applying Soul Full daily during the program.

Take a Closer Look Inside

Who is this program for?

This is for you if…

  • You want to find greater happiness in everyday life.
  • You want to breathe easier, reduce stress and improve your mood, focus and energy.
  • You are seeking to access your soul’s purpose. (A.K.A. WHY you’re here)
  • You want to enjoy a life filled with wonder, achievement and amazement.
  • You want to feel more love for others, life and yourself.
  • You want to “feel better” every day–all day.
  • You want to know that you are doing exactly what your soul is intended to do.
  • You want to reach a place of deep peace and tranquility.
  • You want to discover the “more” your heart wishes to stretch and strive for.
  • You want to learn how to put YOU first without feeling guilty–while also not abandoning those you hold dear.

Align with Your Soul’s Purpose, And Find The Guilt-Free Joy that Comes From Prioritizing Your Wants, Needs and Desires….In Just 5 Weeks!

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Who Am I?

I’ve been helping people make radical life changes since before I could legally order a glass of Chardonnay.

It is my life’s work to help people make dramatic, transformative shifts into their inner greatness.

I have always been fascinated by human potential and spirituality. I was 9 years old when my father began to introduce me to Zig Ziglar, Norman Vincent Peale, Tony Robbins and the work of Esther and Jerry Hicks.

I later earned my master’s and my doctorate in psychology (Psy.D). I realized my dream as a life coach in Los Angeles, pursuing soul-alignment through mentoring and speaking throughout the wellness community. I am also a certified Reiki III Healer and deeply spiritual. For the past 12 years, I’ve spent six hours a day listening to people like you share their fears and frustrations…and re-introducing them to the dreams that had been forgotten or put on the shelf.That’s more than 15,000 hours of coaching for a long list of clients – from celebrities, to entrepreneurs, to ambitious professionals, to busy moms!

I know what it’s like to always be taking care of everyone else, and to feel like you’ll never have the time or luxury of actually enjoying a cup of coffee, let alone pursuing your own life’s purpose and dreams…(am I right?)

If you understand that feeling, you are in the right place, and I’m guessing that you are NOT on this page by accident or coincidence. Your soul led you here…so let’s see what Soul Sessions has in store for you!

Why I Developed This Program

Every day, women reach out, asking me to help them “find their happiness” and life’s purpose. Interestingly, when I talk in my community the top three questions I hear over and over again are:

  • How can I access more inner joy, and ‘feel good’ on a regular basis?
  • How do others who appear to “have it all” do it? How did they get to that point of having it all and joy?
  • How can I get clarity on AND prioritize my wellness, my goals, and my soul purpose?

As a wife, mother and woman I get it! The stress, anxiety, and headache brought on by trying to explore and prioritize your well-being, desires and time is overwhelming!

Taking care of life’s necessities demands center stage, and getting beyond the guilt of doing for yourself first can seem insurmountable.

I used to feel the same way.

And now that I’ve discovered the formula to access happiness and joy, I’ve helped HUNDREDS of women through these feelings as well.

So you’re not alone in this struggle. Not by a long shot.

The problem that so many women face is also one of our greatest “talents” –  being able to juggle all the many responsibilities and obligations that constantly fly at us all day long…

Financial demands… Getting kids to school
Keeping the home clean & managed…   
Making sure family needs are met…
Prepping for the next day…
Sports practice and after school activities…

As women, we are wonderful, resourceful, nurturing, resilient beings who are used to handling a LOT on our plate, day after day…and we often do it with equal parts grace and magic that leaves others wondering, “How does she do it all?”

I know how you’ve been doing it all.

You’ve been going through the motions, like a robot, day in and day out, like a 24-hour checklist of things that need to happen to get through your day.

You focus on getting things DONE. (And I have no doubt you’re doing an incredible job!)

Maybe everything got accomplished today (maybe it didn’t).

But so many women struggle to see BEYOND “what they do” or “whose mom they are”…

They struggle to see their own life’s purpose, because they’re literally living for the health and happiness of everyone around them.

Even worse, some women who have reached out to me feel such guilt and shame for expressing that they want all these wonderful things for themselves!

Let me ask you this…

When your head finally hit the pillow to go to bed last night, did you take care of YOU throughout the day as much as everyone & everything else?
Did you go to bed feeling fulfilled? Happy? Joyful? Excited about the possibilities of tomorrow?

Or did you go to bed with your “cup” completely drained, only to do it all again the next day…
For most busy women, it’s the latter…

This is why so many women reach out to me, wondering,

My Soul’s purpose can’t be to run myself ragged, making everyone ELSE happy 24/7…

There’s got to be MORE to life than this…

Is there something more for ME?

YES, friend…

There is so much MORE – and it’s waiting for you on the other side of this program…

You deserve more than a life of “going through the motions” and making sure everyone else is cared for and happy.

YOU deserve to be cared for and happy, too.

But more importantly, YOU deserve to know your Soul’s purpose, and why you’re here…

That’s exactly why I’ve created this 5-Week program called Soul Sessions.

It’s designed to help GUIDE you on an inward journey to discover and align with your soul’s mission, so you can start creating and finding HAPPINESS and JOY – even while juggling your everyday tasks and responsibilities!

I’m going to teach you the skill (yes, it is a skill that can be developed) and ART of being attuned to your “micro-feelings” – this is the KEY to manifesting your dreams with ease and grace!

With This Program, You Will:

  • Learn to be aware of how you’re feeling, and shift your IDENTITY to make JOY your new way of being.
  • Reduce stress, breathe easier, and improve your mood, focus and energy.
  • Attract a steady flow of abundance – because you’re making decisions based on your higher awareness and taking inspired action!

By The End Of This 5-Week Program, You Will Have:

  • Experienced the most transformational time of your life.
  • Accessed your Soul Path, knowing with unwavering gratitude that you are EXACTLY where you’re meant to be.
  • Discovered PEACE and tranquility beyond your wildest dreams. (And you’ll learn how to tap back into that peace at a moment’s notice, ANYTIME you want…no matter what is happening in the world around you.)

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Check Out These Incredible Stories Of Women Who Found Their Soul’s Path…And Re-ignited Their Happiness!

Danielle is incredibly intuitive, spiritual, a wonderful listener and has truly found her calling as a life coach. Danielle assesses and offers a view of your situation quickly. She helped me get out of my misery, move on from my high conflict husband and become a strong and independent woman once again.

She was available through my most difficult times often at a moments notice. She sees the best in you and helps you to build a plan for how to put those strengths and passions to work in your personal life and career. Equal parts coach, cheerleader, business advisor and a really good friend.

Danielle helps you to bring your vision to life. I’m very grateful to have worked with her during a challenging period and highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to transform their life into something magical.


Dr. Danielle came into my life in perfect synchronicity. Before our first phone call I was grieving the loss of my mother while working in a job I did not truly love, and I was beating myself up left and right for so many things. I knew I wanted change, to get the root of my feelings, “problems,” frustrations, what have you… but traditional therapy made me feel like I was just talking about my issues and not getting feedback or help in setting goals and taking action to do anything about it all!

From our first session onward, Dr. Danielle gently yet firmly held the space for me to understand the root of my feelings, feel safe to honor them, and worked with me to set reasonable action steps and goals in multiple areas of my life. Her authenticity and passion shone through in every session, and I truly felt I could text or email any time I needed to–the support was incredible.”

By the end of our work together:

  • I had forgiven myself on so many levels for various things,
  • grew the confidence to dream and ask for the things I know I deserve,
  • developed the most solid meditation practice I’ve ever had,
  • got engaged(!),
  • manifested a new job that I love,
  • and I ended the year as the #1 sales rep in my new company

I am so grateful to Danielle for her patience, support, and guidance in helping me get to this joyful yet peaceful place. Best decision ever.


Danielle is a dream to work with. She was so knowledgeable about how to best help me release old patterns that no longer serve me, while remaining deeply compassionate and FUN. Since working with her I landed my dream job where I’m making more money than ever, and I’m now in a happy, loving relationship — basically, everything I wanted but could barely allow myself to dream of in the past.

I’m so grateful I invested in myself and purchased a coaching package with Danielle. Best decision ever.


I view life and love much differently even on difficult days. I find myself more mindful, calm and inspired. The elixirs are the icing on the cake of life. When in challenging situations I just breathe through it and I can again see the path out. Thank you, thank you Danielle for your teachings. Love you.


Danielle’s coaching sessions have not only totally rebuilt my approach to dating, but they have carried over into my friendships, my relationships with my family, and the way I show up in the world on both a personal and professional level.

Instead of approaching myself and my relationships as ‘problems to be solved’, I am now able to show up secure in myself and my inherent worth, able to give the best of myself to relationships worth that investment while drawing healthy boundaries that support and protect my best interests (boundaries that are neither 30-foot-concrete walls nor totally porous floodplains, but feel like flexible, warm hugs).

Danielle’s particular brand of magic has created a radical shift in my life – the tools, techniques, and insights she has shared with me have shed an important light on patterns and behaviors that were no longer serving me, and created space for me feel like my best possible self: aware, awake, and aligned with my values and dreams… and fully empowered to go after the life and the loving relationship that I want and deserve.

If you’re considering working with Danielle, just do it. Send the note, make the ask, give yourself the gift of Danielle’s magic – it will change everything.


I have found that Danielle is able to very quickly pinpoint the issues and help me move forward. Plus she made me see things in a completely different way. Running a successful Australia-wide company with several staff, traveling overseas on business, being a wife, mother, daughter to an elderly mother, running a large home plus life in general is a constant juggling act and can often leave one feeling exhausted and unmotivated. However with her guidance, I have really found time for everything, plus most importantly, time for myself!

I have established a beautiful new routine in my life which has left me feeling very calm, in control but most surprisingly very happy and peaceful. Danielle has given me a new perspective and a new lease of life which I am relishing!


My 60-Day “Cover To Cover” Money Back Guarantee!

More than anything, I want you to feel supported throughout thes 5 weeks (and beyond)…

I want to give you TIME to experience the inner-work and transformation yourself, and THEN decide if this 5-week program was worth it!

So go ahead, friend…

Get Soul Sessions today…

Read through cover-to-cover…

Take time with yourself each week to sit down and go through the exercises…

Do the guided meditations…

Use Soul Full, the transformative, healing elixir I have personally designed for you…

I’m giving you 60 days so you have plenty of time to go through the ENTIRE program (all 5 weeks!)…

And then decide if this small investment is worth it.
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply reach out to our team @ within 60 days of your order, and we will refund 100% of your money to you.

But I have a feeling that, once you dive in, it’ll open up a world for you of self-love and self-discovery that you won’t want to stop exploring!

So, what are you waiting for?!

I’ve made this 5-Week Soul Sessions program completely risk-free, so that you can go through the ENTIRE program – start to finish – and then decide…
But let me ask you this…

If some small part of you believes that you are “meant for something more”… don’t you think you owe it to yourself to start peeling back the layers of your inner-self, so you can see what your Soul has in store for you?

I promise it is nothing short of magical.

I can’t wait to help you through this wonderful journey you’re about to embark on, one incredible Soul Session at a time…

Forever in your corner,

This 5-Week “Soul Sessions” journey will help you find your Life’s Purpose…and the answers to “happiness” that you’ve been searching for!

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