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It’s here! Finally! My book Soul Sessions: A 5 Week Guide To Crafting Greater Joy And Making Big Things Happen In Life launched today.


I made this book just for you

You, with the impressive job you don’t love anymore.
You, who thought you’d feel complete once you got married. (And you don’t)
You, channeling your creative mojo into decorating the guest room – but you know that’s not enough.

I made it for everyone living a pretty-good life, everyone who wants more and feels guilty about that wanting. 

You deserve more – and I think you know it.

You deserve to discover what lights you up – and to pursue it, full force.
You deserve to surround yourself with people who inspire you + support your thrilling, exciting dreams.
You deserve to create + maintain boundaries and treat yourself with respect.
You deserve to take responsibility for your own happiness.

This 5 week guide will help you:

  • Find out what you do best
  • Direct + control your emotions
  • Create + maintain your boundaries
  • Build a better, more inspiring social support network
  • Have a clearer sense of self with more stability + productivity
  • Build self-confidence in yourself, your career, your relationships, your decisions
  • Feel deep, abiding gratitude for all the wonderful things in your life

If you’ve tried to solve this before – to get past these feelings of stuckness and malaise – this program is different. Maybe you’ve tried therapy (too expensive), retreats (too short), talking with girlfriends over wine (fun but not particularly productive) this guide might just change everything.

I know because I used the methods in this course to change my own life. I’ve been there – the fancy job that didn’t fill me up, the relationship I ‘should’ be excited about, a life that looks impressive from the outside but on the inside – was just … ‘fine.’ But in my early thirties I changed my career, earned a Psy.D, found a heart-pounding relationship, and paired my knowledge of psychology + life coaching to help hundreds of women reconnect with themselves + create new, improved versions of their lives.

Using these tools, my clients received MBAs from Columbia, opened yoga studios, finished doctorate degrees, lost 70 pounds, repaired relationships, received huge promotions, got engaged, ran half marathons, and said healthy good-byes to unhealthy jobs.

You can take everything you learn in this course and do equally amazing things.

Get started here.


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