How To Have It All: Slow Down to Speed Up (Part 3)

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Recently we began a three part inspirational series on how to have it all or rather, on how not to get overwhelmed when you’re trying to have it all. I shared what I believe to be the first and second step in feeling like you can create and manage more in your life without losing it:

I will measure my success based on how much fun I’m having.  Twitter_logo_blue


You can have it all, just not all at once.  

You heard that right! In week one I suggested allowing fun to be a barometer of your success. I shared that I’ve experienced that not focusing on fun gives stress the power to dismantle us. It will slow us down, block us and cut us off from our capacity to create all we desire in the world. In week two I reminded you (and myself!) that you don’t need to be superwoman and that having it all doesn’t mean having it all at once. Maybe you are at a time in your life when you want to focus on your career, maybe it’s time to focus on relationship, perhaps you want to focus on your body and health or school and family and that is beautiful. It’s more than OK to only focus on a specific niche at any point in your life. The key is trusting and knowing that the balance comes with redirecting and refocusing when it’s needed to change.

In our final and third week I have a simple concept that I try my best to lean on as often as I can: you can speed up by slowing down.

I speed up by slowing down.  

When you begin bringing a mindfulness practice into your life it might look like: taking time out of your day to be in stillness and to slow down with a cup of tea or it might be taking 5-7 minutes to practice deep, calm breathing, or you might start to practice a meditation and in turn discover that doing less actually speeds you up!

When we pull back, even a small percentage, we re-energize and recalibrate and it is in this state that we begin to create and speed up.  You will find that more can happen when we are in a place that is still, directed and mindful. So if you are feeling overwhelmed and like you’re trying to keep it altogether, take a short time out, take that walk around the block, and you will return to your work completely refreshed and centered. It’s crucial to take the time for yourself, to cultivate a new energy and feel that shift in your being so you can create more.

There is no need to be overwhelmed, sweet friend.
You can get so much done.
And create all that you want to create.

Use these tools and you’ll start to feel you have the capacity to make more happen and enjoy the process.
I want to hear from you! I would like to hear your success stories and even your frustrations! Please share with me below.




  1. I love my little 10 minutes of nothingness in the morning before I begin on my always overextended to do list! And I’ve indeed realised that it doesn’t have to happen all at once which is why I’ve not learned to focus on maximally 3 tasks per day. If I do more, that’s great, if I don’t, then at least I’m not disappointed 🙂

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