The Spiritual Keys to More Success

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Three years ago I woke from my sleep with a stabbing pain on the left side of my abdomen.

I tried everything to diagnose the pain: blood tests, ultrasounds, cat scans. But there was nothing physically wrong with me.

“It might be . . . stress?” one doctor weakly offered.

That would make sense. In my first few years of business, I measured my success by how busy (and how stressed) I was.

And I was very successful.

I worked long and hard to push and manipulate external circumstances in my favor, working 12-hour days and sleeping four-hour nights. I lived in fear and lack; certain that I had to “go out and grab it!” before anyone else did . . . or before “it” simply disappeared.

So, sure I was stressed, as my doctor had assumed. But I had also hit my emotional, spiritual, and physical bottom—my adrenals were taxed, I always felt sluggish. I’d work and work and work, and burnout on the regular—only to feel like I wasn’t even accomplishing that much!

I was exhausted. And I knew I needed to slow down.

But, more than that, I knew my mentality needed to shift. I needed to practice greater trust in the generosity and power of the Universe to deliver to me my deepest desires . . . without my manipulation.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t familiar with this principle—I knew that the combination of my thoughts and my actions were powerful, and that if I surrendered them both to my divine guidance, I would always be supported and delivered the circumstances, ideas, and opportunities that would best serve me.

I’d simply forgotten, as we all often do.

And my body forced me to remember: It was time to surrender.

Fortunately, the alternative was easier: Think and let go.

Know what I want, work to pursue it, be open to opportunity—but surrender the path. It’s not up to me how I get where I’m going.

Nor is it up to you. And that’s good news: We get the easy part.

Just think: What do you want? What would make you feel good?

Think about it. Ask for it. Work towards it. And let it go.

After many go-go-go, non-stop days and too many more restless, insomnia-filled nights, that’s exactly what I did. I remembered that the “how” is not my concern; that I only need to keep my eyes focused on my desires . . . and listen.

I re-committed to my inner awareness and to daily prayer, and I quickly realized that my greatest opportunities and accomplishments would come not from pushing and manipulating, but from slowing down and embracing stillness and ease.

Stillness and ease: These are the spiritual keys to success.

In moments of stillness, life begins to flow. We get what we need, learn with ease, and feel more aware of our purpose and connection to the world.

In a state of ease, we can hear God’s guidance. Our only job is to follow that loving direction.

When we practice surrender and still our minds and bodies, we can truly connect with our spirit. Then, once we establish a spiritual connection, our only “job” is to follow the guidance we receive.

No blood test, ultrasound, or cat-scan required.


  1. LOVE the message in this post. Exhaustion is something that’s affecting so many of us, yet so few know how to overcome it. But our thoughts and actions are more powerful than we know!

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