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True North

Congratulations on unlocking access to your True North ritual! True North is your gateway to clear direction, speaking your truth, and unwavering confidence.

Here at Stars Align, we believe in participating in the aligning of our own stars and we know you are absolutely capable of co-creating a life you’re proud of alongside a wise and loving Universe.

when to use

Feel like you’ve lost your way? True North will help you discover your soul’s heart-centered purpose, direction, and path. This manifesting oil assists you in finding your voice and gracefully expressing your truth even in the most challenging of situations. You’ll feel energized to pursue your higher destiny with an uplifted, courageous, and trusting spirit.


We also believe that daily rituals lead to remarkable results, which is why we encourage you to incorporate your True North manifesting oil into your daily routine and pair it with this sacred mantra:

“I welcome and follow my true purpose and direction.”

Consider repeating this mantra to yourself six times, while massaging the oil into one or more of the chakra points we chose specifically for this manifesting oil.

Why repeat the mantra six times?
In the practice of numerology and on the Tree of Life, six is considered the cosmic center. Six represents the energy of the Divine harmony and the Divine beauty of the cosmos.

Therefore, the energy of six centers and aligns you as well! Six gives you access to your Higher Self and your real truth. It helps you apply what you know is right for your soul. Six is the number of personal and cosmic alignment and when paired with the mantra activates profound shifts.



The seven chakras symbolize energy centers in the body and correspond to a bundle of nerves, major organs, and areas of our spiritual body that impact our physical and emotional well-being. When the chakras are open and aligned, the energy in the body evens out and becomes balanced.


Apply 1-2 drops to chakra points or small areas of the body. In many cases we also recommend applying the oils to “secondary” yet meaningful chakra points. For example, temples and earlobes.

  • Throat Chakra: Confidently articulate your renewed intentions with clarity and courage.
Heart Chakra: Discover that the heart is where both allowance and intention are born.
Solar Plexus Chakra: Access personal power, nurture self-esteem, embrace the warrior within, and undergo transformation.
  • Sacral Chakra: Ignite creativity and passion that extend beyond your current vision.
Tops of hands and feet: Physically move in the direction of your intentions, turning dreams into reality.


We’ve carefully formulated this specific manifesting oil with the purest, most powerful essential oils to help you find your true north.

  • Buddha Wood: Enhance mindfulness, delve into deeper meditation, and unite with your inner self on an energetic level.
  • Tangerine: Boost optimism and self-confidence, empowering you to step into your true potential.
  • Blue Tansy: Find your voice, express your truth, and embrace unconditional love and acceptance.
  • Wild Orange: Release stagnant energy, lighten your energetic field, and embrace spontaneity and joy.
  • Lavender: Experience deep restoration, rejuvenation, and peace of mind.


We’ve written a unique mantra to accompany every manifesting oil. Each purchase also includes a beautifully designed phone lockscreen and art print of the mantra to help you keep that mantra at the forefront of your mind and heart and strengthen your manifesting powers. Please download yours below.

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