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Stars Align Collection

This incredible bundle includes all 7 of our beloved manifesting oils – Dream Catcher, ReSet, True North, ReStore, Feel Good, SouLution, and Stars Align.

Each of these manifesting oils is designed to help you manifest and co-create a happier, more centered life. Each manifesting oil can help you navigate a specific issue.

Think of these oils as different tools in your happiness toolkit. Massage our manifestation oil on your chakras and meditate on your customized manta to ignite creativity, passion, and transformation.

Directions- Click on the manifesting oil’s name to access its daily ritual practice and hidden manifesting mantra.

Dream Catcher: Tap into your personal power to fearlessly pursue and manifest your dreams.

ReSet: Ease worries, regain perspective and start over with confidence.

True North: Your gateway to self-awareness, clear direction and finding your voice.  

ReStore:  Feel like you’ve had an incredible night of sleep, a long conversation with a wise friend, or a quiet afternoon in nature.

Feel Good: Access your happiest self and foster love and acceptance of yourself and others.

SouLution: Find comfort during tough times. Promote mental clarity, wisdom, and peace of mind.

Stars Align: Feel the support and presence of the Universe as you ignite your desires and accelerate your dreams.

Our curated collection of manifesting blends features essential oils such as…

  • Buddha Wood – Supports mindfulness, deeper meditation, and inner unity on an energetic level
  • Tangerine – Boosts optimism and self-confidence
  • Blue Tansy – Speaking one’s truth; acknowledging unconditional love and acceptance
  • Wild Orange – Moves stagnant energy; lightens energetic field and allows for spontaneity
  • Lavender – Offers deep restoration, rejuvenation and peace of mind

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You can also purchase our oil individually. Check out our Dream Catcher manifesting oil to help you find your authentic flow or our ReSet manifesting oil if you want to regain perspective and start over in some area of your life.  All our manifestation oils enhance your journey towards manifestation and self-discovery.

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