Want to start an online business? I can help!



Interested in knowing how I ‘do it all’? Juggle speaking gigs, clients, a day job, social media and one very handsome fiance?

Hint: I don’t.

After more than three years of blogging and running my online business, I’ve assembled some amazing time-saving, sanity-rescuing strategies + a whip-smart team who helps me. I’ve been able to build a social media following of 16,000+ people, written for tons of high-traffic websites, and managed to get engaged and earn a PhD while doing it. I’d love to share some basic, get-started-today tips that will help you dip your toe into online business – without totally consuming your life.

I can:

  • Help you get clear on what you want

  • Suggest improvements to your current blog or website

  • Walk you through the process of building a website from the ground up. Including securing a domain, host, email account, creating webpage content, logo and tagline brainstorming, the importance of SEO and what you need for financial book-keeping + more!

  • Develop basic Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn profiles + plans to build an audience + engage followers

  • Map out daily, weekly and monthly blog editorial calendars

  • How to price

  • Share my list of resources – the people who helped me (and can help you, too!)

  • Help you learn how to delegate, manage your time and find a comfortable work/life equilibrium

  • Establish realistic time lines around internet domination (Hint: keep your day job for awhile!)




You will walk away with a (35 page) custom bound workbook including:

  • An itemized checklist of everything you need to start and establish a successful online business

  • Exercises for clarifying your business identity, target audience and elevator pitch

  • 13 Questions to help you write a boring free bio and About page

  • A 6 page document that will help you create, develop, build + manage your social media presence

  • Over 65 must have business resources for entrepreneurs + bloggers

  • A handful of my favorite empowering reads, resources and must listen to’s.

  • The Make it Happen in Business Monthly Calendar

  • The Make it Happen Daily Planner + Weekly Re-cap for staying on purpose + on track

This package is perfect for people who are just starting a small business and those who are within the first 12 months of entrepreneurship.

90 minute session with bullet point recap and recommendations sent via email afterwards

Book Now  $225

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