Hold The Excuses (+ a whole lotta nothing)

Hold the excuses

I know them before I hear them:

I just don’t have time to add anything else to my schedule.
It’s so hard to find the motivation.
By the time I get home from work, the last thing I want to do is spend more time in front of the computer.
Everybody who’s tried online dating has horror stories.
The gym is too crowded after work. I don’t want to stand around waiting for an elliptical.
I’ve just been soooooo busy…..

I know you’ve used these.
(I’ve used them, too.)

But did I hear you right? Did you say you were….busy?
Girl, get in line.
Truth is, whatever is on your plate got there because at one time you said yes to it.
Busy is a choice.

Our excuses have a small but distinguishable victim ring to them.
And you know what they amount to?
A whole lotta nothing.

More than anything – more than any real, actual, tangible reason –
our excuses are what stand between us and our best life.

Really, most of us use these excuses because if we don’t try, we can’t fail.

Get over the idea that you just aren’t good enough, you’ll never get caught up,
and you’ll never be outstanding. You are, you will + most importantly you have the choice to be.  If you don’t believe that, first off, I want to give you a great big bear hug, then a swift kick in the tush because you have much more potential than you’re giving yourself credit for.

Choose instead to stop the excuses.
Meet yourself and invite others to join you in your raw, brilliant truth rather than your apologetic fluster.

Are you settling for too little?  What excuses do you make on a regular basis?  If you need help with this one, be courageous and ask your best friend or partner to tell you the excuses they hear you make often.

Write them down and then strike a fiery match
Ceremoniously burn them over the kitchen sink.
Goodbyes are in order, after all.

You were created for greatness. Period. You were not put on this earth just to “get by.”
Not a chance. Set mediocrity to the side.

Excuses can be normal, Bright One, but know that they’re not worthy of you.

Isn’t the truth liberating?

Your biggest fan,



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