End the Energy Leaks and Stop Procrastinating

End the energy leak

In The Happiness Project, author Gretchen Rubin says one of her
keys to happiness is to “tackle a nagging task.”


We all have a handful of errands + tasks that we know we  should do.
And yet? We don’t do them because we think it makes us feel better
to ignore them.
 But they’re always there, lurking in the background,
nipping at our  heels + sucking the joy out of a potentially relaxing
evening with our favorite TV show or book.

What are the perpetual annoyances in your every day?
The proverbial pebble in your shoe?

Make a plan to fix, diffuse or release it.
Begin by ending the excuses.

Make the phone call that will resolve things.
Find the guru, teacher or nearest Home Depot.

In fact, let’s make a pact to make this a new habit:
If there’s something that is positively gnawing at your psyche –
do it
as early in your day as possible + get it over with.

Don’t feel like it, you say? “The biggest fallacy there is about making good use of one’s
time is that you have to
feel like doing something before you can do it.  That you have to know how to motivate yourself prior to action.” –Steve Chandler   You don’t.

Try this: Have the action happen first. Then the motivation shows up.  Not sure exactly
where to start?
Go as small as possible and ask yourself: “What can I get done on this
project in the next three minutes?”
 Then choose to TAKE ACTION.   

I think you’ll find it’s never (really ever) as bad as we make it out to be.
In fact, the procrastination is usually more painful than just getting the task done.

So stop it already.  Deny procrastination the fuel it needs to prosper.
Your life force deserves an immediate, priority response.

Fix the small stuff  + then relish in the remainder of your day without the undone task
sneering at you from the shadows, not allowing you to engage with better things.

Begin by making a list of areas in your home + office that require your attention –  in addition to your usual to-do list.   (Need a killer “to-do” list?  I made you one!  Download the “Make It Happen” planner for free here.)  Make it your intention that every morning before school or work, you’ll spend just 15 minutes in one of these areas for as many days as you need to get it done.

Think of the sense of elation and accomplishment – the mini battle won-
you’ll feel when you cross one nagging task off your list each day.

And over the course of a few weeks?  You can get quite a bit accomplished.
Start tomorrow.
Start today–like now.

The way out is through.


Photo by trail on Unsplash