Monday Motivation: Stop Rushing to “Normal”

stop rushing to be normal

Hey beauty, Happy Monday!

I have been going through a lot of transition lately and have subsequently found that I’m attracting clients who are about 3 paces behind me in their own but highly similar transition.  This attraction is an interesting phenomenon and feels intensely on purpose. The magic of course is that I am often ahead by a few emotional miles and am able to offer not only empathetic but practical advice on how to move through with more flow and peace of mind.  (Thank you, Universe!)

I have been in varying life transitions before yet a significant lesson has recently come up for me that I have also been sharing with my clients.  I try to take cues from the energy around me and thought perhaps if both myself and my clients needed this reminder maybe you do too! When we are going through a transition of some sort it can feel very scary and anxiety fueled.  We tend to want to quickly rush through it and return to a perceived state of “normal.”

We want out of the discomfort.  Transitions can force us into a place of facing the traumas and self-limiting beliefs we are made of, and the new ones that continue to subconsciously shape us.  Quite simply it feels yucky to be in a place of emotional uncertainty and doubt and toe to toe with what we perceive is the worst in ourselves.  We reach for all sorts of unhealthy distractions: food, shopping, sex, alcohol, etc. rather than get curious. 

I am not implying it is easy, but I am encouraging you to slow down, harness patience and NOT to rush to “normal.”  Practice being in the present moment with the current ebbs and flows because, despite what it may seem, this time is very fertile soil.  It is rich with the opportunity to learn, expand and feel empowered. But only if you can be IN it.…and not in a rush to “just get it over with” and move past it.

This is not happening to you, it is happening for you.

You are smart,
capable and

You more than deserve a big, full and abundant life.
It is meant for you as it is meant for all of us but up-leveling requires
the unequivocal willingness to be introspective.

I deeply believe in a higher energy that is rooting for us. (You too?)  If we can agree on this then we understand that everything that happens to us, even the panic-ridden, anxiety provoking, shitty stuff, happens for our benefit. We understand that below the superficial pain and whining of the ego, this experience/circumstance is happening for our and the world’s higher good.

If you understand this, then in times of stress and fear you ask yourself: 

:: What am I being called to learn here?
:: What is my assignment?
:: How could this be happening for my own good?

If you do not get an immediate answer, no worries. Just turn it over to that higher energy…and say:
“Please show me the problem so that it may be resolved.”
or  “I am willing to learn the lesson. Please show it to me.” 

I have personally been using the this mantra lately:

“I refuse to rush to normal. I know this is fertile soil. I am willing to learn.” 

I would love to hear your thoughts of this post and how you navigate and manage in times of transition.
Thank you so much for being here & I hope these words served you! xx


  1. Hi Danielle! Thank you THANK YOU so much for this post! I just recently wrote about how I was in a space of transition between graduating and now in the space of finding a job. It’s an uncertain place to be in but I know just like you said, this ‘fertile soil’ is a place of learning and for growth. Thank you for this reminder!!

  2. Transition is SO UNCOMFORTABLE, and it’s really really easy to want to rush through it. I feel like I’m right in the middle of that now as well, and it’s tough because it’s been going on for a few months and to me that feels like way too long to be transitioning, but this post is giving me the chance to stop and look at what lessons I’m being taught even as I am super uncomfortable haha. Thank you for such a thoughtful post!

  3. Danielle, I can’t even begin to explain how timely this was for me. I’m stuck in the middle of a (personal and professional) transition right now—it feels scary, funky, anxiety-inducing, all of the feelings—and I want so badly to just be on the other side of it. I am working to take each day at a time and realize that this is teaching me and growing me and stretching me—but it’s tough. Thank you for your constant wisdom and encouragement—which always seems to come at exactly the right time <3

  4. Some very important points here. Sometimes you’re so busy worrying about getting to normal – you forget that no one REALLY knows what “normal” means, really! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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