How to stop self-doubt (+ grown up decisions)

Grown Up Decisions

At some point you will have to decide:
I don’t want to worry as much
battle as much
compare, judge or self sabotage as much.  

It will be liberating + oh, so grown up of you.
It will be part of becoming more spiritually evolved.
It will be epic.

At some point you will have to decide to parent yourself + deny the validity
of that negative mental chatter.  

We think that ego is telling us the truth.
Protecting us.
It’s not.

It’s only there to keep you separate, small + insignificant.
It is your tolerance +  indulgence of that negative chatter that keeps you afraid + anxious.

Why such faith in fear, dear one?

The truth is:
After all the spiritual books, CDs and conferences;
The countless therapy and coaching sessions;
The late night, teary-eyed, talks with confidants;
It will come down to a single decision.
A single declaration that you no longer believe or choose to participate in negative chatter.

Want to usher in a millennia of prosperity, even mindedness + peace?
Then decide in one fell swoop that anything that nagging, negative voice has to say
is a lie + you will no longer listen.

Regardless of what happened to you as a child.
Regardless of the ill-fitting relationships,
the failed business attempts,
the mistake you made this morning,
you can proclaim that believing your negative chatter is no longer an option.

Eye to eye with doubt, anxiety and overwhelm?
Try one of these mantras:
“I hear you ego, but I don’t believe you. I choose love instead.”
“I hear you ego, but I don’t believe you. I am safe + powerful + I choose love instead.”
“I hear you ego, but I don’t believe you. I trust myself to handle whatever comes my way.”

And then immediately ask + answer this question:
“What’s working in my life right now?”
It’s a one-two punch for rejecting toxic thoughts + directing your focus to what is good + prospering.
It’s magic. Really, it is.

Denying the validity of the ego and it’s negative chatter won’t make the problems of the world go away.
You will not snuff out the possibility of challenges. (That’s not possible.)

Yet, you will revolutionize the way you perceive these challenges.
How you experience life’s hiccups will shift.

When we are not paralyzed by the fear that we are not “good enough” we can actually deal with the challenge itself – rather than spiraling into self-doubt.

We analyze less + create more.
Push less and go farther.
Work more efficiently and get better results.
Bitch less + allow things to sort themselves out.

You are in charge.
Not the negative chatter.

Stake your claim.

Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash


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